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Indra Nooyi

No description

Alex Medrano

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Indra Nooyi

What's Her Leadership Style???
Indra Nooyi
Alex "Alex" Medrano
The "Fun" Stuff
There isn’t much on her child hood
Born October 28, 1955 in Channai India.
Channai used to be known as Madras
She is now 57 years old

Nooyi attended Madras Christian College in 1976
Earned a bachelor degree from the college
2 years later Nooyi attended Indian Institute of Management
Nooyi then got her master’s degree in business administration

She is...
Hard Working
Full of energy
She's a very religious person
She says her faith brought her where she is now
Nooyi is a funny person
According to several articles she...
walks barefoot around the building she works
Just sings when ever at random times
Is the only one wearing a sari to company events
Indra Nooyi is the current CEO of PepsiCo.
She is a strong, independent Indian-American woman
What Type of Leader is She???
(things that I think are accomplishments)
After getting her master’s, Nooyi move to the States
She moved to the States in 1978
Nooyi attended Yale after moving
She Obtained yet another master’s degree
It was in Public and Private Management
Background: Childhood
Background: Adult
Backround: Adult cont...
What kind of person is she???
Is She a Good Leader???
Any organizations? Charities?

She helps with the Akshaya Patra organization
It provides hot meals to underprivileged children in India
She donated $27,000 to the Democratic party
Donated $8 million to water.org
Works Cited
Indra Nooyi is a great leader
She seems to care about what she's doing
Not just in it for the money
well maybe a bit for the money
Takes time to relate to her employees
Treats everyone with respect
Makes sure what she does is good for everyone
Seems very Likeable
She is a democratic leadership person
She's task/relationship-motivated leader
Nooyi likes to complete her goal
Also likes to relate to her employees
She's full of courage, stamina, empathy and full of self-confidence
but not a cocky self-confidence
Obtained 2 master's
one in business administration and one in private and public managment
Became CEO of PepsiCo.
2009 CEO of the year by Global Supply Chain Leaders Group
In the top 10 most powerful women list
Got married
is married to Raj K. Nooyi
Has kids
Preetha and Tara Nooyi
Moved to the States :)
I originally picked Indra Nooyi because I thought her hair looked really sassy
and the other person i wanted was chosen
After reading about her I found that she and what she's done is really interesting
She's a democratic leader
She likes to have fun with her employees
She takes in peoples opinions

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