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Can Celebrities be good role models?

No description

britney guevara

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Can Celebrities be good role models?

Can Celebrities be good role models?
by Britney Guevara
Are Celebrities good role models?
There's really no side to a celebrity being a good role model or not. People have different opinions, and can go on both sides.
“can celebrities be role models for young people”

Celebrities they act negatively by drinking, doing drugs and being sent to jail. A lot of celebrities are caught doing stuff they shouldn't but won't get as bad consequences as a "regular" person. People are saying to stop paying so much attention to celebrites because they don't have very good influences
initial thoughts
Before I got the chance to read any articles, I thought celebrities wouldn't be good role models for teenagers or children.
“Celebrity Worship Syndrome“

Role models can be more important than anything when we look at them. CWS, (Celebrity Worship Syndrome) is something that can't be avoided. It can cause low self esteem, anxiety, and depression.
“The Effects of Celebrity Role Models on Kids and Teens “

as parent, you have to keep an eye on who your child looks up to. If your child chose a role model as a celebrity and not someone related, there can be bad and good sides to it. Celebrities with bad reputations, having bad choices wouldn't lead to anything good in your child. This is in contrast to a good celebrity that can influence your child positively.
Literacy 212

"Celebrities aren't always bad, they can also motivate to do something similar if you admire celebrities achievements. and can also cause less stress and makes you more relaxed (Martinez)"

Teens/kids who pick celebrities
with Negative influences are more likely to listen to the words of their
favorite celebrities than their own parents.

Synthesis Summary

celebrities are still famous and constantly talked about,
people are starting to think their behavior and lifestyle are acceptable

kids have to watch out who their role models are because it may change their lives in many ways. especially when you're a teenager because that's when you change physically and mentally.
Evidence #1
Evidence #2
Evidence #3
final thoughts
Celebrities have both ways in being a good influence and a bad influnce. This question will keep on being asked, and will take it's own opinions.
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