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Affordable Food Labs

A presentation on healthy and budget friendly labs in the family and consumer science classroom.

Takeebie Jefferson

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Affordable Food Labs

Healthy and Budget Friendly Food Labs
Who is Takeebie Jefferson?
Canned/frozen vegetables
Fresh fruits (in season)
Frozen fruits (out of season, sometimes :)
One dish meals
#1 Tip for making all labs healthy
Tips for Saving Money on Food Labs
Labs of the Past
Buy in Bulk
Clip Coupons
Use Appropriate Portion sizes/fun sizes
Incorporates math
Teaches portion size skills
Saves money and resources
Request Class Donations
Ask parents-not in elementary school anymore :)
Great Uses for coupons
Paper products (plates, napkins, tissue, etc.)
Dish/Laundry detergent
Hand sanitizer
Cleaning supplies
Aluminum foil/Saran wrap
Ziploc bags
*Give students bonus points for bringing in coupons!
$5.66 for 13.5 lbs compared to $7.44 for 6 2lb boxes
$6.39 for 25 lbs compared to 11.80 for 5 5lb bags.
$10.19 for 25 lbs compared to $13.08 for 6 4lb bags
Price comparisons were made between Sams and Walmart
*Price comparisons were done between Sam's Club and Walmart
Good Morning! Welcome to my kitchen!!
Most Cost Friendly Foods
Creating Labs that Relate to the Lesson
Healthy & Budget Friendly Recipes
Children's Cookbook Project
Resource Websites
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