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Cyrano Mind Map AF

No description


on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano Mind Map AF

Cyrano De Bergerac Act 1 Hotel De Burgandy The play "La Clorise" is here Montefleury is the actor Ligniere's Writing Cyrano fought and killed
Valvert because Montefleury
wouldn't get off the stage Cyrano's features (nose) Cyrano's impending battle because
he killed Valvere. 100 people were after
him. He killed 8 of them Valvert insulting his nose. Love Christian loves Roxanne Deunna has a meeting for Cyrano
to meet Roxanne at the Pastry Shop Cyrano can't get a girl
because of his nose. A bad actor. Writes a poem while dueling. Act II Ragneau's Pastry Shop Customers have to pay in poems Ragneau uses the poems as
wrapping paper Cyranos hand is wounded Roxanne cares for it Cyrano distracts Deunna with
pastries so he can talk to Roxanne Cyrano go way back because
they are cousins Roxanne sees Cyrano through
Christian's eyes Cyrano promises to keep christian safe. Christian and Cyrano agree that
Christian gets Roxanne. Cyrano writes letter to Roxanne
signed by Christian. De Guiche has a temper
and can't handle insults Act III Ragneaus wife left him for
a musketeer. Roxanne likes Cyrano (Christian)
for his intellectual De Guiche has been
promoted to Colonel
which gives him power Roxanne plans to make
Cyrano and Christian stay
home instead of the war. Christian says "I love you"
to Roxanne because he can't
read poetry Balcony Cyrano makes poetry for Roxanna
and Christian reads it. Roxanna offers a kiss
and Christian accepts it Roxanne tricks the Capuchin (Priest)
to marry Christian to her Cyrano went to "The moon" He has moved Christian and
Cyrano to the front lines, which
is certain death. Act IV In the War Cyrano promises to cross
enemies lines every night
to deliver letters to Roxanne Cyrano would rather die by
someone who is better than
him by a sword Cadets hate De Guiche because he
put them in the front line to die He finds a scarf which
proves a point to De Guiche This embarrasses De Guiche
so he calls out his Spanish Spy
to kill Cyrano Roxanne makes a surprise
visit Ragneau had hidden food
for the army Roxanne would love Christian
even if he was ugly Christian knows Roxanne
loves Cyrano Christian dies with the
letter in his pocket Act V 15 years later Roxanne lives in a
covent with nuns Cyrano visits Saturdays Cyrano teases the nuns She wears "Christians"
letter around her neck Cyrano attacks fake saints,
heroes, and artists De Guiche is still jealous
of Cyrano because he can
say whatever he wants
whenever he wants. Cyrano gets hit in the
head with a falling log
because people were angry
at him and wanted revenge He is comparing Roxanne
to a leaf Cyrano dies Roxanne realizes that it
had to be Cyrano who read
the poetry because it was
dark out Roxanne has lost Christian
and now she has lost Cyrano
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