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Edu Larp/Larping in the Classroom

No description

Sarah Meyer von Bremen

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Edu Larp/Larping in the Classroom

But first a little Improv......
What Edu-Larping Can Be....
Taking it to the Extreme: LARPing as the pedagogy behind curriculum....
What we did in the English Classroom....
Edu-Larp (Larping) in
the Classroom

Its Impact and Its Possibility
This Game is called "Party Quirks" .... Let's play!
Think of your favorite animated character......

- Think of three to four actions this character would most likely do...

- Mindfully rank those actions from most subtle to most direct
Which one would give the character away?
Which one is a bit more subtle?

What did you EXPERIENCE?
- Playful anticipation
- Sense of competition among players
- Awareness of audience
- Applying prior knowledge
- Spontaneous creativity
- Collaborative adaptability
- Learning through others
- Reflecting on self-performance

- FUN and HUMOR!
Role-playing game with a mission in which participants physically become characters, in action and reaction, in costume and voice, in order to solve the mission or purpose of the game.....
What We Often Think LARPing Is...
LARPing in Pop-Culture
Take-Away from Video
Edu-Larping can apply to all disciplines.

Interactive, engaging experience for the students

Learn by doing

Creatively play with relevant roles in their own narrative

Collaborate with each other to solve a meaningful mission, mystery, or puzzle

Incorporates critical thinking skills

immortal Symposium: Application of LARPing in the Classroom
Choice of Immortal
- Beyond Olympians
- Different than a presentation
Given Scenario/Problem
- Centered on a common theme
in mythology
Collaborate to form a solution
- Symposium formed to create a
consensus (or compromise)

Students Discuss
and Solve a Problem
What Students Liked....
The Costumes
Defending/Arguing solution
It was fun!
The unforeseen elements (humor)
Playing with perspective

What Students Learned....
- Time and Scheduling Conflicts

- Flexibility/Limitations of Costuming

- Blending Classes/Different Voices

-Open-mind with student solutions and opinions

- Power in the Awkward Silence

- Missions should have at least two dynamic paths

- Comfort level - with teacher as a guide and as a participant

Connecting it to your discipline....(A first step)
Discuss Possibilities
for your Classroom
Other Resources....
Role Models
Applying Immortal Stories
React and Converse (Harkness Style)
Creative Interpretation
Student Choice (Structured Autonomy)
Freedom to Play with Concepts/Character
Defend a position from another perspective
Negotiate a solution in a collaborative environment
Better understanding of mythology; its purpose as allusion and the cultural constructs
Kamie Goldstein and Sarah Meyer von Bremen
- Improv games
- Harkness Discussions
- Mini-writing assignments
-Persuasive essay

During Discussion
- Observations/Feedback
- Monologue Delivery
- Conversational Points

Post Discussion
- Reflection Assignment

Making it personal, makes
material memorable!
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