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Cancer in Springfield,Massachusetts

No description

Eiralys Colon Serrano

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Cancer in Springfield,Massachusetts

what are some of the non-biological factors that shape people's health outcomes?
What is the leading cause of death in Massachusetts(Springfield included)for all racial/ethnic groups?
Which racial/ethnic group in Springfield has a lower cancer mortality rate than any other groups?
How are Springfield's Baystate D'Amour Center for cancer care helping treat cancer patients?
People that honor those who had or have Breast Cancer
Which racial/ethnic group in Springfield has the highest cancer incidence rate?
Cancer in Springfield,Massachusetts
many people do not have enough money
not able to speak english
may keep people from seeing the doctor.
Cancer is the
leading death
in Springfield, MA
Latinos has the
lowest cancer
rates in Springfield
breast cancer symbols
Eiralys, Nikky,

I hope you enjoyed
the presentation

Thank You!!!:)
Blacks has the highest cancer rates

My dog died of of cancer when I was younger when I was about 6 years old.
Cancer patients receive outpatient care and therapy, including chemotherapy, hormones, and biological agents.
How is Springfield's Baystate Medical Cancer Center helping to treat cancer patients?
Baystate Medical Cancer Center thinks being around family and friends is very important ,so their clinics are spread all over Western Massachusetts.
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