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The Muscular System

No description

Chaca Wuankavelika

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Muscular System

Endurance Exercise
is jogging and running. Exercise Resistance Exercise is lifting weights, anything that includes using muscles. Muscles
Biceps are muscles in the top part of your arms. Triceps are the lower muscles
in your arm Flexors are the muscle in the back of
your thigh or limb. Extensors are the front muscle
in your thigh or limb. Conditions in Muscles Tone means when
your muscles are relaxed. Posture means when
your body is running. Hypertrophy is
when your muscle
cells grow in size. Atophy is when your muscle
sinks due to an injury. Structure of
Skeletal Muscle Tendon: Links bones
to muscle. (It is like a rope) Collagenous fibers:
Overlap to make contraction. Muscle Cells:
Rod shaped packs
with thin fibers. (myofibrils) Ligaments: Are long
fibrous staps that fasten
bones together Contraction is when muscle cells get shorter and smaller in reaction to nerve impulses. Muscles after exercise:
When muscles get torn through exercise, muscles become bigger and stronger. Sports Water Polo Structure Examples of Exercise Triangular Pushup Situps Function Science Project

Noodlebib Caterina Augusto by: Caterina Nicolini and Augusto Otero
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