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Education Partners S:R:M

No description

Melissa Creaney

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Education Partners S:R:M

Student Self Service Portal
Real-time Dashboards Visibility
Customizable Application & Enrollment Forms
Document Management
Electronic Library
Seamless Integration to FA

S:R:M Student Relationship Management
Disrupting SIS/CRM Architecture

Accelerating Enrollment
through SaaS

Built by SMEs,
Engineered by ITs
Enhanced Enrollment
Auto Application
Net Price Calculator
Included Standard
(Many schools pay upwards of $120,000 per year for this service!)
Meets All Department of Education (ED) Requirements
As New Regulations are Published by ED, the Application is Updated
Our Calculator Matches the Data to the School's IPEDS Data
Accommodates Multiple Colleges, Campuses, Programs, & Courses

Auto Financial Aid
Built In Best Practice Workflows
Dynamic Visibility of FA Associate Performance
Dashboards of Award Disbursements
Automated Document Reviews
Simplified Packaging of Title IV Funds
Superior COD Integration
2014 Client Favorite Feature
Across Colleges, Campuses, and Programs
Automated R2T4 Calculations
Ensure Refund Calculations are Correct...
ISIR Comparison Tool
Strict Adherence to ED Guidelines
Business Drivers:
Compliance Ensured
Cost Reduction
Increased Access to Cash
Predictive Analytics

Scale & Speed:
Streamlined Workflows
Greater Efficiencies

Our system has processed more than $1.9 Billion in
Title IV funding
Our application has managed more than 425,000 students since our inception
130 campuses are currently using our application
On average, our application helps schools reduce total FA packaging costs by 25%
Schools often find that they can operate their FA Offices with 25-30% less manpower
Our administrative dashboards show both student and staff progress to improve production cycles
Dashboard Glance
Student Relationship Management
Not the other way around
Auto Application
Auto Financial Aid Packaging
Net Price Calculator
Mailbox Manager
S:R:M Benefits
Mailbox Manager
Streamline Digital Communication from COD
Automated Refresh
All Title IV Messages are imported, exported, archived, & downloaded
Allows for Multiple Mailboxes via TG Numbers
Reduces Processing Time
Replaces EdConnect/TD Client Software
Mailbox Manager
Cloud Hosted
High Availability
High Scalability
API Integration
Single Instance
Open Architecture
Standardized Data Structure in Aggregation
Transforming how students and schools work together by revealing risk earlier and managing it faster through robust engagement, automation,
1:1 communication, configurable workflows, and standardization.

Fines for Errors
Excessive A/R
Stretched Customer Service
Variance in Student Experience
Antiquated Workflows
Lack of Efficiencies in Process
Flat to Declining Enrollment
Data Warehouse
Complex Processes

Improved Cash Flow
Student Self Service
Best Practice Workflows
Document Management
Automation & Optimization
Reduce Barriers to Entry
Predictive Analytics
Reduce Cycle Times
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