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Research paper

Colton McGlone

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Stroke

Colton McGlone
Deanna Roney
Montana Terry
Nick Shelton
Jared Howard
Kelsey McGirr
Jiamin Lin
Jessie Whitaker TREATMENT The recovery time and need for long-term treatment is different for each person.
10% Recover almost completely.
25% recover with minor impairments
40% recover with major or moderate impairments. Death from Stroke 4.4 Million deaths.
Every 3.3 minutes someone dies from a stroke.
Stroke increases with age each decade and after age 55 risk increases. THE CAUSES OF STROKES How much it cost for the US to treat stroke? 53.9 billion dollars in 2010 was spent by the US to treat people who had a stroke. This total includes health care services, medications, and lost productivity due to illness or death. STROKE STROKES OCCUR WHEN THE BLOOD SUPPLY TO PART OF THE BRAIN IS SUDDENLY INTERUPPTED OR WHEN A BLOOD VESSEL BURST.
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