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No description

Darcy Fredericks

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Puberty

What happens to boys during puberty
Face and Voice Box
The bones of the jaw, forehead, nose and jaw rapidly grow.
face turns from being round into a oval shape
facial hair
sound is made by the mouth as air is pushed out
The voice box is at the top of the windpipe
Has vocal cords that vibrate and makes sound
Voice deepens
vocal cords get bigger
voice box tilts and makes an Adam's Apple

Physical Changes
Emotional Changes
Social Changes
Social Changes
Physical Changes
Breast Enlarge
In your breasts a network of milk ducts develops. This is your body's way of preparing you to nurse a baby when you're older
breasts usually continue to grow until you’re 17 or 18 years old -- or even into your 20s.
Sometimes one breast grows faster than the other, although the slower one usually catches up.
Your nipples also change during puberty. They can become pink or dark brown, turned inward or out. Sometimes hairs grow around them.
Your final breast size is based partly on heredity. “Your breasts aren’t necessarily going to be the same as your mom’s because you’ve got your dad’s genes added in too
Hair appears around body
Acne and Pimples appear
Growth spurts
large size difference about 4.1 inches a year
Head, hands and feet grow first
arms and legs as well as shoulders eventually grow
Growth of testicals
Pubic hair suddenly appears and grows
Body growth of the penis
Texture change may happen
the testicals produce testosterone
the testicals produce sperm
Acne is caused when the pores of the skin become clogged with excess oil, or sebum
Rampant hormones cause the body to produce this extra sebum, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria which thrives in the excess oil on puberty-fueled skin.
Coupled with this, as dead skin cells reproduce and shed from the skin, they can get caught up in this oily, bacterial mix.
Mixed feelings
random feelings
mood swings
your thoughts and feelings change rapidly
Stronger feelings
feelings switch back and forth
they changes happen at any time at all
can leave you angry happy or sad
Everything you feel may be in the extremes
Emotions are very intense
your view on things has changed
new types of emotions
Sexual feelings
Emotions change quickly and are very strong
they effect the way you think
Sensitivity and Conflict
You may feel extra sensitive to criticism or teasing
can feel sad about everything that happens
even little things can make you angry
you cant seem to relax
when maturing you may want to be independent and be in control
You think everything your family says is wrong and you don't want to be involved with them
this can make fights with family and friends but will make you be a unique person
Emotional Changes
Feet and hands begin to grow
Hips widen and start to develop body fat
Thighs and shoulders grow
Growth Spurts
You get hair around the body
Your outside parts (the vulva) are enclosed by two sets of "lips.
The larger lips have hair; the inner, smaller lips don't.
These increase in size a little bit.
Inside your body the vagina is getting longer and the uterus is getting bigger.
Feeling sensitive

you're self-conscious and worried if you're normal.
feel extra-sensitive to criticism, or teasing
You might think that nobody understands you
Will work to show who they are and where they fit
They will work differently because of their gender, friends, culture and family expectations of them
They will start to have relationships with people of the other gender
Will go on dates to pursue these relationships
these relationships are not intimate
Mood swings
Independence and
emotions switch back and forth more quickly than before.
One moment you're joking happily, and the next you're crying your eyes out for no reason these are called mood swnigs
just like on a swing, one minute you're up, and the next minute you're down.
seeks more independence
Wants to make own decisions
effects relationship between family and friends
wants more responsibility
will do things differently to before
will purposely make decisions and will not take advice
will communicate in different ways
uses internet, phones and social media to reduce communication with family
you may feel like you need to be independent, to be in control of your decisions and action.
you seem to find everything wrong with your family's rules and beliefs, and want to be left out of it.
You want to be YOU, and this can lead to conflict with your family, friends and teachers
Looking for new experiences
More risk taking behavior
thinking about right and wrong
stronger values and morals
responsible for own actions, decisions and consequences
influenced by friends especially with behavior and sense of self
The internet, mobile phones and social media can significantly influence communication with peers
Use social Media to get away from family
Communication helps you relax
Will work to show who they are and where they fit
They will work differently because of their gender, friends, culture and family expectations of them
They will start to have relationships with people of the other gender
Will go on dates to pursue these relationships
these relationships are not intimate
thinking more about ‘right’ and ‘wrong
Your teenager will start developing a stronger individual set of values and morals.
Teenagers also learn that they’re responsible for their own actions, decisions and consequences.
They question more things.
Your words and actions shape your child’s sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’
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