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woods project

No description

jerome brown

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of woods project

The Boer Wars By: Jerome & Naz The Boer war took place in the southern part of Africa
It was between the British & the Boers. Weapons That Were Used Southern Africa War in South Africa This is an WWII Semi automatic Rifle
This in a basic Cannon.
These are some of the weapons used by the british and the boers
Who won the war When the war began The britist deafeted the boer's in 1881 The Dutch a.k.a (the boers) Who were the boer's
The boer's were white south african farmers
who were desendants of Dutch immigrants. The war began in 1880 when the boers started a revolt
to show the british they're independence.Because the british
rapid exspansion. Dutch famers The red is the british empire
The british domonating the dutch
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