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SENZ° Umbrellas

Marketing Management

Ana Correia

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of SENZ° Umbrellas

Marketing Plan SENZ° Umbrellas Agnieszka Lepczyk, 59178
Ana Correia, 33857
Margarida Melícias, 33850
Marta Carvalho, 35567
MScBA Professor Rui Vinhas da Silva
Marketing Management 1. Background 2. Diagnostic 3. SWOT Analysis 4. And now? The Problem SENZº SENZº Marketing Strategy Positioning Segmentation PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION PROMOTION Market Competitors Market Segments Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Value Chain "What could be the future of Senzº?" Innovation / Differentiation;
Functionality - solve the problems with common umbrellas;
Unique (Patent);
Variety of umbrellas; Accessible just for some people;
Commercialization and Promotion (lack of presence in the market);
Specificity of product (technology cost associated);
Difficult to buy . Concern about fashion (new trends);
Development in R&D;
Concern about security, healthy and comfort; Crisis;
Facility to buy an umbrella wherever we go;
Entrance of new competitors;
People can reject the product; SENZº Idea Mission Vision Ambition Partnership with DELF University; Criteria Price and Quality Promotion Type Cheap or low-end
Expensive or high-end Regular vs. foldable Promotional vs. consumer umbrellas After Sales Support Marketing Sales (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Design Parts Production Parts Assembly Distribution SENZº Founders 3 Strategic Options SENZº Developing the Idea External Analysis Internal Analysis Target SENZº Marketing Strategy Added Value PRICING Marketing Mix Let's get into the Senzº's Spirit... Product Promotion Price Placement Solve the problems with a common umbrella
(umbrellas go inside-out, break, poke in the eye, limit visibility, and don't protect back). In 2004, a Dutch Industrial Design Engineering student decided to devote his graduation project to create the ultimate umbrella: one design that copes with all of those horrible umbrella problems. He created the idea of the new umbrella, is the entrepreneurial mad scientist, CEO and creative brain of the SENZ° family. Gerwin Hoogendoorn Philip Hess He is responsible for all marketing activities at SENZ°, but most of the time he's abroad 'to boost the SENZ° brand. Gerard Kool He has a creative background and is responsible for the finance of the company. "Never again soaking wet people with broken umbrellas left lying in the street" "SENZ Umbrellas offers high-quality umbrellas used by image-sensitive people to mark themselves out from the crowd" "The management team of SENZ Umbrellas supplies only the best umbrella" The history of umbrella dates back more 3000 years ago, with different features. Nowadays, it is considered a low-involvement item which acquisition does not require many considerations or purchase time. The umbrella sales are associated with the different types of climate. The major players in the market are not focusing a new umbrella with new functions and advantages (“stormproof” umbrellas) Identification Umbrella with new design and shape Differentiations To handle it in cases of strong wind and rain; innovative design, shape and resistance; high quality materials; different patterns and styles; durability and higher price. Criteria Geographic Criteria – zones with rain;
Lifestyle – income and status;
Demographic – age; Profile Urban people between 20 and 50 years that belong to the middle/upper class Cosmopolitan, fashion people, business people; who are looking for something useful (pragmatic people); with a certain lifestyle. 1.License or sell their patent to a company with strong connections to a particular industry;
2.Adopt a white label strategy;
3.Develop their own umbrella brand. First Gerwin contacts some umbrella brands, but they refuse to help him Gerwin decided to pursue his work on his own and the partners rent a small office in Delft University SENZº was born SENZº Umbrellas don't break easily SENZº Umbrellas provide an improve view Eye-Savers New Design Summary 1. Background
2. Diagnosis
3. SWOT Analysis
4.Marketing Plan New design
Aerodynamic principles
Asymmetrically rounded
"Stormproof" and virtually unbreakable
UV protection
2 year storm warranty Marketing Plan But some companies had been experimenting with improved umbrella designs: the same shape but were less prone strong winds. Collections Stick Umbrellas Pocket Umbrellas Special Collections Stick Umbrellas Pocket Umbrellas Senz° Original €49.95 Senz° XL €59.95 Senz° Smart €29.95 Senz° Mini €42.95 Senz° Mini ao €49.95 Senz° Smart s €24.95 Senz° sells physically in 13 countries We can buy an umbrella through SENZº Website (Such as England, Japan, Sweden, The Netherlands) (or through representatives shops of the brand in the world) SENZº do not spend a lot of money in promotion (announcement, flyers, magazines, etc). (Such as England, Japan, Sweden, The Netherlands) Services Accessorizes "Sunny SENZº" Limited Editions Children Umbrella New Product New Collection Customization of Umbrellas (online) Reinforce the after-Sales Service Communication Plan Advertising Sales Promotion Personal Selling Public Relations Seasonal Partnerships Normal Umbrellas -> 25€ - 60€
Personalized Service -> Plus 25€
Kids Umbrellas -> 20€ - 25€
Collections of High-Fashion Designers -> 100€ -150€ Renovation of SENZº Collections every year with limited editions, to celebrate special days (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.) Because all the Kids want to look like their parents, the SENZº Children Umbrella is a new product to the children of our clients. Diversification of the actual range of products, with some accessories that the client could match with his/her umbrella. A completely new product line that takes the advantage of the SENZº Umbrellas: UV Protection. New Product New Collection Thank you for your attention!
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