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NAEA 2015 - Got iPads? Going Beyond Digital Drawing

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Melissa Hayes

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of NAEA 2015 - Got iPads? Going Beyond Digital Drawing

What is the
SAMR model?

is for: Augmentation
is for:
QUEST Protocols for looking at art
Got Ipads? Moving beyond Digital Drawing
Using the SAMR model of tech integration
Developed by Ruben Puentedura
A way to understand tech integration in any classroom

Weather/Data Weaving Unit
Muse QUEST Developed by
Project Zero @ Harvard
Inspired by the work of Nathalie Miebach
Matching Games to reinforce concepts
Google Slides to recreate
QUEST booklets
Chrome Bookmarks to save websites for students to access
Develop games specific to your curriculum with Stick Around app
Color sorting game to reinforce primary & secondary colors in gr 1 painting unit
Record students talking about work
Share w/ parents what students are thinking and learning about in their own voice
Primarily used in gr K, 1, and 2
is for:
Interviews to reflect on process & content
Develop questions you want your students to really think about to reinforce concepts
Gr 5 students reflected on our collaborative Sol LeWitt projects & shared their thoughts & learning.
is for: Redefinition
Student Managed Online Art Gallery
Uses Artsonia website and a QR code reader - Easy student upload art & artist statement
Students in grade 3-6 upload on their own. Started teaching gr 2 students how to upload with great success
Artwork comes to life
Drawings and sculptures can share what the students have learned.
Used in connection with gr 3 biography portraits & gr 5 self-portraits. Classroom teacher has used with sculptures.
Informative Videos Reinforce Art Concepts
Students create videos that explain a concept, reinforcing and sharing what they've learned.
Used with color theory exploration in gr 3 & with watercolor techniques in gr 4
Stop Motion Animation extends sculpture unit
Animate sculptures to extend a unit,
OR treat it as it's own unit.
Grade 6 animates wire sculptures. Gr 3 & 4 create paper animations in connection to class poetry project.
NeoReader (Free)
ChatterPix Kids (Free)
Explain Everything
Stop Motion Studio Pro
Other Apps
Hootsuite - Notes Plus
Instantly share students talking about work
Live tweet voice recordings on field trips to the museum*
Gr 6 live tweet field trip to Fitchburg Art Museum
(Thanks to Tricia Fugelstad for the idea!)
Close Looking of Artwork
Students can label artwork to show understanding.
Gr 1 labels paintings to show brushstrokes - Gr 2 finds shapes in architecture - Gr 3 labels foreground, middle ground, and background
No need to print QR Code
PicPlayPost (Free)
Students collage a variety of photos for sculptures before posting to Artsonia
Pocket - Feedly
Planbook - Dropbox
Instagram - Class Dojo
Artsonia - Google Drive
I use:
And the list goes on
Hyperlapse - Magisto
Youtube - Pinterest
Access handouts at:
Access this Prezi at:
Got ipads?
Going beyond Digital drawing
Follow me on Twitter & Instagram at:
#NAEA15 #Artsed
Welcome to
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