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children prodigies

No description

Melanie Sochatzy

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of children prodigies

Prodigies What are prodigies? Prodigies are people who are special talented
Prodigies are better than professionals even without any training
They discover their talent mostly at an early stage of age
Most parents say their children are just natural talents A very famous example is Wolfgang A. Mozart
He was discovered by his father at
the age of four and wrote his first
piece at the age of six. They are different types of prodigies who can be found in lots of different areas.
They are most common in music territory.
Prodigies are also talented in many other ways. Emily Bear :
is 11 years old
was born in Illinois, USA
composes music since she is three
already composed more than 350 pieces
studied four years at the Music Institute of Chicago
played for the president George W. Bush
has a perfect pitch Brianna Kahane:
is 10 years old
was born in Boca Raton, Florida
started playing the violin at the age of three
has a photographic memory and a perfect pitch Ethan Bortnick:
is 12 years old
he was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida
he is a pianist, singer, actor, songwriter, composer and comedian
he began playing the piano at the age of three and started composing at the age of five
he took part in lots of charity programs and raised nearly 30 million dollars
he was one of the artists who recorded "We Are The World 25 for Haiti" Tanishq Abraham
is nine years old
was born in Sacramento, California
is highly intelligent
at the age of five he did math courses offered by Stanford University
at the age of seven he was the top student at American River College in his classes Moshe Kai Cavalin
is 14 years old
was born in Los Angeles
started taking classes at East L.A. College at the age of eight
is one of the youngest students to attend at the UCLA
wrote a book called, "We Can Do" first published in Mandarin followed by an English version
does lots of other activities too Kieron Williamson
is 10 years old
was born in Holt, Norfolk
is a watercolour artist
at the age of six England discovered his talent
he earned 150,000 pounds (July 2012) in one of his exhibitions
at the beginning he couldn't even write his signature but painting was no problem "I was able to reach the stars but others can reach the Milky Way." "It would be silly to point to one door when my future offers me many open doors." "I have good choices ahead and I have plenty of time to choose what to pursue." The Ending Thanks for your attention MELI & BELLA "As long as the audience is enjoying the music, having fun, smiling and dancing, I'm happy and I love it!" "When I play, I usually see bees, butterflies, things of nature...especially when I play concertos." http://www.briannakahane.com/video-gallery/brianna-world.html
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