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Transcript of Indiana

Indiana Facts & Figures Indiana became a state on december 11, 1816 State Symbols The state flower is the peony the state bird is the cardninal The bordering states of indiana are Ohio, Kentucky, Illinios, and Michigan. The main products of Indiana are iron and steel the motto of Indiana is "The Crossroads of America the lowest point in Indiana is 326 feet the highest point in Indiana is 1,275 feet this is the state symbol the state tree is the yellow poplar major cities Indianapolis is one of the main cities in Indiana Indiana has four pro sports teams they are the indianapolis colts, Indiana fever, Indiana pacers, and the Indiana firebirds. Fort Wayne and Gary are also main cities sports and recreation there are many things you can do in indiana like explore wyandotte cave or go to the Indy 500 speedway the dunes are a great place to relax an ride dune buggies. you can also go shopping at brown county shops. you can also watch or even play golf at some of the most beautiful golf courses in the state Indiana is a beautiful state with long miles of farming land and wild flower meadows. In 1900 - 1920 Indiana manufactured over 200 different kinds of cars. Johny appleseed was buried in archer park in fort wayne. Every year people have a festival for him. Indiana has more miles of interstate than any other staate for square mile. Wabash became the first city to be electrically lit. Indiana history In 1779 George Roger Clark helped capture northern territory. Thirty six years later Indiana became the 19th state. Indians gave up a portion of the land to the U.S. The state capital was moved to Indianapolis.
The Tri state tornado struck and killed over fifty people. Many lost their home, job, and a lot were injured. In 1937 the Ohio River flooded causing much damage to farms and houses. The Baltimore colts were moved to Indianapolis in 1984. in 1998 there was an explosion at Southern Energy Company in Hammond. 16 people were killed
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