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The pyramid's in Egypt

No description

sumayyah yusuf

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The pyramid's in Egypt

The Pyramid's in Egypt Egypt!!! Egypt is a massive
hot spot attraction.
They get so many tourist
coming to see the wonderful
attractions Egypt has to offer,
main one being the... PYRAMID'S. Beautiful Exciting Amazing Secret passage's Egypt's resources Tomb's Who built the Pyramid's? Normal people living in Egypt
Aliens Already been built since day one Thank's for listening

Sumayyah Yusuf Strengths:
I have learnt a lot from this project about the history of the pyramids.
I found the research enjoyable as I learnt a lot of exciting and new things.
I believe I had organised my ideas well.
I do feel I have been rushed through the project, I could have done a lot better, however this is partly my fault as I didn’t use the time I had available well enough.
I didn’t manage my time effectively as I could’ve done.
I should also have conducted further research and used a wider range of sources.

From all this research and this project in general I want to have a career in exploring the pyramids, and my plans for the next few months is to go to Egypt and visit the Pyramids and explore some more.
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