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School of Philosophy

Bemnet Ghebreselassie

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Metaphysics

Online Media Teapot Analogy Bertrand Russel Sources Central Themes Rationalism - Any view appealing to reason as a source of knowledge or justification Methods What is reality? Questioning The task of metaphysics is to determine the fundamental nature of reality through various questioning. Meaning & Purpose School on the Media METAPHYSICS What is the self? Why are we here? What part of us continues after death? What is the meaning of life? Analytical - Good reasoning in analyzing a situation as well as the ability to problem solve Descriptive - Philosophical study of the structure of how we think about the world Dogmatic - Relates to morals and faith; the attitudes that are not only based on unapproved theories but also arrogance http://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/dogmatic Comes from the Greek words: Meta meaning & Physika, meaning physics. So metaphysics means after or beyond physics and science. Metaphysicians investigate the concepts people use to understand the universe, such as object hood, property, space, time, causality, and possibility. Some metaphysicians include: Metaphysicians The Media Objects and their Properties
Matter and Mind
Time and Space
Identity and Change
Possibility and Necessity Rene Descartes Heraclitus Parmenides http://people.virginia.edu/ http://onlinephilosophyclub.com/metaphysics.php http://onlinephilosophyclub.com/metaphysics.php http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metaphysics#Styles_and_methods_of_metaphysics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analytic_philosophy#Analytic_metaphysics http://e1.wrytestuff.com/swa272727.htmhttp://people.virginia.edu/ Reality constantly changes "All is change" Change is an illusion "Reality(being) is unchanging, eternal, and undivided"
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