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Soyoung Lee

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of ISN’T SHE LOVELY?

ISN’T SHE LOVELY? Imagination About Fetish :
Body Modification Sampling Did yoy ever imagine if you could wear your bodypart which is your wannabe shape? Fan Service!! CHOOSE YOUR DREAM BODY-SHAPE!! Simple, Easy, Beautiful!! "Good-Job!"
"Best Seller!!"
"Everybody wanted
high-fashion Body" "ggool-bukji" WANNA BE? Sampling for the perfect body
need to cut my ugly shape... Who is she? What's these? Video killed the ... Sample for production Scared? By HUMAN-BODY PART ORDER MADE FACTORY
MADE IN CHINA The idea of this film started from my own imagination
about not-too-far future. When we could select our
body part or legs just like pants following our
favorable style.
Nowadays in Korea, the word “ggool-buk-ji” is a kind
of fad which means the well balanced thigh of a
woman. But the ‘ggool’ means sweet or honey and it
also had some sexual nuance. Not a woman as a
human being, but a special body part is dealt as a
material thing or an accessory.
#1. Select Model
Beautiful human body as a trade material
I picked the hottest body in Korea now.
#2. Draw Die Line
Forced to change myself following the model
by media or others : switch personality
#3. Cutting Mock-up
Becoming a doll by plastic surgery but lost her
own identity
#4. Dividing Body-part : for copy each other
#5. Ready to Production
#6. Next? : Another model went to the same round?
"Isn't it easy?" by a9078715
Soyoung Lee
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