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The Breakfast Club-Marxist

No description

Poula Basaly

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of The Breakfast Club-Marxist

Marxist theory is represented in
The Breakfast Club
with each character representing a social class, but at the end of the movie, all the characters are seen united. The significance of the movie is to illustrate that people can be united but society (in this case, the school system) and wealth divides them.
The father of Claire wears Burberry scarf, and drives a BMW. Both are expensive.
Claire has diamond earrings.
The reason Claire has detention is because she skipped class to go shopping.
She eats sushi for lunch which, in the 80s, was rare and prestigious.

Upper Class
He is an athlete which makes him very popular in high school, essentially, upper class.
He is driven to school in a "normal" car.
His clothes are nondescript. He does not wear expensive labels.
Middle Class
He is known for his grades and academic excellence, but lacks wealth and power.
Brian always looks for acceptance from the popular crowd and never gets it.
There is familial and social pressure on him which makes him want to kill himself rather than solve his problems.
As a proof that she is poor, she is seen stealing a knife and a lock.
She arrives to school in an inexpensive car.
Her clothes appear cheap, possibly second hand.
A close up of his clothes show that he is the poorest character.
He arrives on foot and has no lunch.
Initially Isolated in the Library
Andrew and Claire are seen sitting together, while the rest of the students are all alone. (Representing each social class)
Power is represented through Andrew as he defeats Bender through a fight.
Andrew takes the lead as he and Alison go and buy some food.
Finally United on the Floor
After smoking marijuana, they are all seen dancing together and laughing together.
They all sit on the floor telling each other why they got detention.
They become as one social class as they the only resemblance between them as the have conflicts between their families.
None of the students want to become as their parent.
Going up or down?
Claire gives Bender her diamond earring and kisses him which concluded that either Bender is becoming one with high class or Claire becoming one with the low class.
Same with Andrew and Alison as they kiss each other.
Brian is given the lead to write the letter which is an indication of shift of class from medium to high.
The Breakfast Club
Marxist Theory
Issa, Paul, Fadi and Huthman
Lower Class
Twist in Plot
Bender goes to the front seat where Claire and Andrew are sitting foreshadows that the high school social class system will soon be broken.
As Andrew and Alison are talking together, through the course of their conversation Allison takes the lead. This once again foreshadows the balance in social class later in the film. When Andrew was taking the lead, he was the 'leader' in social hierarchy, but when Allison over took him, it represents that there is some what of a balance between the two personalities
Difference between Claire and Andrew?
Ultimately, although the characters are seen united at the end of the movie. They do not know if their friendship will last another day. Society and wealth act as a barrier for the students to be united together. Initially it's the parents fault that they are separate.
Thank You
Opinions: Will They change
Camera Angle
At the beginning of the movie, there is close up shot at the school's clock to inform the viewer about the time.
The student are sitting on the ground and they are sharing their problems, the camera is facing each character indicate how each character feels toward the others and takes us inside their minds. Besides, the camera level is the same for every character which indicate that they are equal.
A close up shot was used in this scene to show how expensive is the earring.
Close-Up shot towards the car and Medium shot was used towards Claire and her father. The camera angle shows Claire's father scarf.
The Marxist theory Analyst
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