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Jessica Prater

Mrs. Waggoner

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Cleopatra

When Cleopatra was a young girl she loved to read books and was very intelligent. The Life of Cleopatra
By Jessica Prater One day Cleopatra's father died and Cleopatra had to marry her ten year old brother. She stayed queen for three years because of her charm and beauty, but when Pothinus stopped arguing with her she knew something was up so she fled to Caesar. Caesar liked Cleopatra and Cleopatra liked him. One day Cleopatra was out in the garden reading a good report from back home when somebody told Cleopatra that Caesar was dead. He was stabbed at a meeting. A little while later she had a baby boy and she was afraid that the people who killed Caesar would come after her to so she fled immediately. Pothinus didn't like Cleopatra because she was becoming too popular. He had his soldiers surround Caesars castle and a bloody battle took place. They killed Pothinus but lost many soldiers in the process. As Ptomly (Cleopatras brother) tried to escape his boat sank and he drown because of his heavily gilded uniform. Antony (Caesars best friend) went to war against Brutus and Cassius. They each asked Cleopatra for some army ships. But she didn't want to help Brutus and Cassius because they are the ones that stabbed Caesar. But if she helped Antony and they lost, all of Rome would have to bow down to Brutus and Cassius. She wrote back to Brutus and Cassius my army is to weak. To Anthony she promised him ships. But at first sight of storm the ships were to come right back. Antony won! Cleopatra was in the tomb when Octavian's soldiers charged in. They had conquered Alexandria and wanted Cleopatra as their prize. They kept Cleopatra as their prisoner. Cleopatra didn't want to be their prisoner.She wrote a note and asked a soldier to deliver it to Octavian. She asked her servant to get her something. The servant brought her back a basket of figs which she dug in until she found what she was looking for. She let the poisonous snake wrap around her until it bit her. She died and when Octavian read the note it asked to be buried next to her beloved Antony. Antony was married already but Cleopatra and him worked and went together really well. Things were going well until one day he had to go back to Rome. While he was gone Cleopatra gave birth to twins named Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene. Somebody told him that Cleopatra was in her tomb so he assumed she was dead so he stabbed himself.
When somebody told Cleopatra what had happened she didn't believe him so she asked to talk to him. He had said he couldn't live without her. The Death of Cleopatra
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