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Maha Khan

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Gravity!

What is Gravity?
What are the Parts of
Gravity doesn't have many parts since no one really knows what causes gravity, but the one main part that gravity has is force.
How Does Gravity
Gravity works by pulling objects towards itself and not letting them float away.
What are the Causes and Effects of Gravity?
The lack of gravity causes health problems such as bone loss, muscle atrophy, and fluid shifts.
By: Maha and Illyssa
Gravity is the magnetic force in the center of the Earth that occurs between 2 objects and that pulls objects towards itself.
For example , there is gravity in between the apple and the ground so the gravity pulls the apple and the apple falls off the tree.
1 example of the force of gravity is how it keeps all our planets in our solar system from not floating too far way from the sun.
Trees, water, animals, buildings and plants are all held here by gravity.
When and Where
Gravity works everywhere in the whole universe. People think that there is no gravity in space, but there is. It's just really weak because as you go up in space the magnetic force of gravity becomes powerless.
Gravity works?
Interesting Features
If a person drops a 10 pond ball and a 5 pound ball off a building at the same time, both the balls will hit the ground at almost the same time. Gravity works the same on all objects unless wind resistance (wind currents) get in the way.
How it Impacts

Some examples of how gravity impacts us are:
Gravity holds down the air we breath on Earth, so without gravity, the air would travel all around the universe and we would die
These trees are being blown by wind resistance.
The lack of gravity only causes health problems when you're in space for too long.
For example: If an astronaut goes to space and stays for a really long time, they will have wobbly legs. This is called muscle atrophy.
Watch this video for a better idea of what gravity is! :)
- Muscle atrophy
Gravity holds us, buildings, air, water, plants, food, etc. on the Earth so that we don't float into space
This video wraps up everything in this prezi!
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