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Fitness Client

No description

Sebastian Solis

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Fitness Client

Extreme Fitness Client
Ice climbing needs coordination, and one exercise he could use is the Ali Shuffle (Left).
Not only needed for avoiding trees while skiing, agility is needed for avoiding falling rocks and snow while climbing. One exercise is a simple shuttle run.
Adam Again
Adam is an Extreme Challenge Client (ECC), who wants to try mountaineering. He is in good health, has moderate strength, and has no limitations (as in he isn't disabled or damaged in any way). He is balanced, coordinated, and has speed, but is lacking in reaction time, agility, and power.
4 Events
One event in mountaineering is rock climbing. Power is needed for the climbing as one needs the power to lift themselves up.
Another is dodging rocks (while rock climbing) and trees (while skiing). A good reaction time are needed to avoid the object, and agility is needed to physically move away from the object.
A third event is the skiing portion. Speed is needed (that is the goal of skiing) .
The last event is the ice climbing higher up. The ice climbing is different than rock climbing because a different technique is used, there is different equipment, and there are more hazards(loose snow). Needed for the ice climbing is agility, coordination, and reaction time as the ice and snow can change easily and one needs to be aware of that.
Power is an imperative for rock climbing, as Adam needs to lift himself to properly climb. An exercise for climbing is the weighted power straight, shown on the left.
Reaction Time
Adam's reaction time should be decreased, so he could be able to avoid obstacles such as trees, rocks, cliffs. A good reaction time is also needed for ice climbing, so that he could avoid avalanches, and falling off the ice. Below is a reaction time exercise found at http://www.brianmac.co.uk/reaction.htm
Sebastian Suarez-Solis | HOPE | 11/24/13
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