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Detailed Business Plan - Drive in Movie Theatre

No description

Alina Huggins

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Detailed Business Plan - Drive in Movie Theatre

Detailed Business Plan - Drive in Movie Theatre
Vision & Mission Statement
Vision Statement:
At MovieMuseum, we will provide the best possible service to our consumers, with enthusiasm and professionalism. We want customers to be certain that being at MovieMuseum really is the best way to spend their day- at an affordable price.
Key Objectives
First five years of operation
After the first five years of operation, we aim to have paid off one sixth of the loan that we have acquired to begin our business; we are hoping to have paid off our $350,000 loan within 30 years. We are also hoping to have established a positive reputation for our business and to fully understand all of the work that is involved in starting a business from scratch.
Market Analysis
The consumers that will utilise our service will be in majority families, as they are the most likely demographic to own a car. We do not have an overly specific income bracket in mind, as it is a relatively affordable for families to see movies, as long as they own a car. To cater to this demographic we will screen more family movies on the weekend, including classics such as ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Finding Nemo’. Therefore our marketing strategies will need to appeal to younger children.
The competition that we have is Cinema Nova and IMAX but we believe our product will be better as the price is by the car size and not individually. Another great feature of our service is that it shows all of the new movies; it will also show some of the old classics in the comfort of your own car. A negative of our business is that during the wet weather we would not be able to operate as the customers would have to keep their windshield wipers on as they watch the movie.
Products or Services
The movie museum is a drive-in movie theater and will be ready made and be available for use at any time and the product will fall under the entertainment category. The product will also be a proprietary (private) company. Things that make our product stand out from others are the price as instead of paying for each person payment will be paid by how big the car’s load is, so it is cheaper for the whole family to be there. The brand’s name tells the customers of the films that will be screened at the movie museum. The product will compare against other companies by the pricing whereas in normal cinemas people pay individually and families are expensive where with our product it will be paid for the whole family making it far much cheaper than other companies. The development of the product will be self-made meaning that the product will be made by our company only. All of these things will make our product stand out more and give other companies a competitive edge.
First six months of operation
In the first six months that we will be operating MovieMuseum, we hope to establish a successful, well run business. We are also hoping to discover new and exciting ways to promote our service, in order to gain many valued customers and to make a profit on our business.

First year of operation
After the first year of operation, we plan to gain many valued and committed staff members, who will be providing an excellent service to our customers. We aim to cater to our market by providing great deals for our valued customers.
Marketing Strategies
Billboards will also be a very big advertising strategy, because it would be the best way for drive-by advertising. Our customer service will be family friendly to our customers, meaning that there will be better family opportunities and more offers for families, as they are often looking for new and exciting activities that they can do together. Classics will also be shown such as ‘Bugs Life’ and ‘Toy Story’, satisfying their needs as a family. All of these things will be make our product stand more out than usual cinema companies and it will also attract much more customers to us.
Pricing will be calculated by depending on how big or the size of the car is and depending on the family. Promotions of the product will include different flyers for the product.
The product will be advertised via school newsletters, letterbox drops and on the local papers if there are the necessary funds to do so and depending on the funds that we may have to do so and also where the business lies. Advertisements will be handed out during weekend or times when everybody is at home so that more people would be reached.
Product or Service Promotion

What might be the various materials you will need to produce your product(s)?
As we will need to buy a block of land to start the cinema from scratch, there are many materials needed before we even start selling our services and making money. We will need to hire an architect and a builder to help us to begin our business. We will also need to lay a large asphalt slab, as this is where our business will be set.
Will you have to buy or import your product?
We will be looking at local businesses to supply most of our products. We believe that supporting local businesses will help us in the long run, as they may support our business too. The products that we will need to purchase will be food (popcorn, fairy floss, and lollies), beverages (soft drink, water), tickets and product packaging (popcorn boxes, paper cups etc.). We will also need to purchase a projection screen, a projector and a surround sound system.
Who will be your supplier? Will there be more than one supplier?
There will be various suppliers as we will be purchasing a range of products to begin our business. We need to purchase materials to build the cinema itself and then products that we will be selling (such as food), so the goods will be coming from different suppliers. We will be going with the suppliers who provide us with value for money and who are spoken highly of in the local community.
SWOT Analysis
Business Structure
Management & Ownership Continued
Management & Ownership
Describe what sort of experience the key persons in the business ought to have.
The key people in our business will need to have experience with people and will need to have good social skills. They will also need to be able to effectively solve problems and communicate with others, including their colleagues.
What other staff will need to be employed?
We will need to employ two cleaners and eight other staff members to help selling food, tickets, telling people where to park etc. All of the positions that we are offering will be full time positions.
What will you need to pay them?
We will be paying the cleaners a flat rate of $17 per hour. The projectionist and a manager will be payed $20 per hour and all other staff members (over 18) will be payed $18 per hour.
What training will they require?
Most of the positions that we will be offering will require experience, manners and confidence, rather than qualifications. The positions that we will be offering will be cleaners and people supplying food. They may need to have an induction and a couple of training shifts, but minimal training is needed. The employee that will be using the projector will need prior IT experience, so they know how to use our electronic devices.

We believe that there are certain qualities that a person needs to have to be successful in our business. We would expect all of our employees to be respectful to customers and their colleagues, as this quality is very important to help promote our business. We also believe that our employees need to have good social skills and are able to effectively communicate with or customers. Some of the other personal qualities that we would like our
employees to have are passion for their job, positive attitude, caring, good listener, leaderships qualities and a person who wants to positively promote our business to consumers.
What personal qualities do they need for you to be successful in the business?
The geographical area that our customers will come from will be the suburbs, as it is an area that is popular with many families as the land blocks are larger.
Our market is declining at this time because the demand in movie theatres is falling. This is because it is now possible to purchase movies online through various websites such as Amazon, Netflix and iTunes. It is an easier and faster method of purchasing movies, and it is possible to do this from anywhere with an internet connection, which makes movie theatres far less popular in comparison. However, because our movie theatre is not common it might be considered by families as a different form of entertainment, which may increase our customer base.
... Continued
Our service is more likely to popular during the summer as it is an outdoor movie theatre that will be directly affected
by the changes in weather. Winter and the bad weather it brings, such as rain and hail, is likely to decrease business. In an extremely cold and/or wet winter then we may need to consider closing the theatre for a period of time. If the cost of fuel rises drastically then it could negatively influence the demand of the service we provide. On the flip side, if the price of fuel decreases then we may experience an increase in customers using our service.
To market our business we plan to advertise in school newsletters, with a focus on primary schools, and local papers if we have the necessary funds. These have both been discussed as effective ways to reach families and people in the area of our business. Letterbox drops are also a possibility to be considered, depending again on funds, where the budget of the business lies, and the laws regarding this where we are advertising.
of drive-by advertising, and is likely to reach our target demographic
Billboards have been considered and discussed by the group, and we have decided that it would be an effective form
Labour Costs:
The cleaners will be payed $17 per hour. The projectionist and a manager will be payed $20 per hour and all other staff members (over 18) will be payed $18 per hour.
Other Overhead Costs:
- Gas
- Electricity
- Water
Mission Statement:
At MovieMuseum, we will provide the best possible service to our consumers, with enthusiasm and professionalism. We want customers to be certain that being at MovieMuseum really is the best way to spend their day- at an affordable price.
For our business it will be set up as a proprietary company because when the product will launch there won’t be enough necessary funds to have unlimited numbers of movie museum’s and as that fact we will raise enough money to eventually and hopefully have unlimited numbers of our product. Another reason that we also chose to be a proprietary company is because we won’t want to take out loans or cash from the bank and become in debt if we cannot pay off the money owed, which could then also potentially affect our products production. We believe that making the company proprietary will help us increase our sales of the product
Map of Business Location
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