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Ewan & Reece (Neptune)

No description

tina moneypenny

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Ewan & Reece (Neptune)

Earth Vs Neptune Size Comparison Moons Fact 1 Earth and Neptune both have moons. BUT......... Earth has 1 and Neptune has 8. Names Venus
Neptune Fact 2 Neptune like Earth has ofcourse has a name. However Neptune like the rest of the planets are connected to roman myths exept Earth. size comparison Fact 3 Neptune is 3.88
times bigger
than Earth. Atmosphere Earth's atmosphere is made up of 21 % of oxegen 78% Nitrogen 93% argon and .038 Carbon Dioxide. While Neptune is made up of hydrogen, Helium, and.. methane gas Fact 4 Time Fact 5 Neptunes day is eqauvelent to 19.25 Earth hours and a year is eqaul to 168.8 Earth days. Fact 6 On average earth is 149 million km away and Neptune is 4503 billion km away In the same manner Distance from the Sun Neptune is about 30 times bigger than Earth Thanks for waching Ewan & Reece's prezi

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