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7. CM2# Tactics: Mobile marketing

Awesome template but don't use it with Chrome... Or it may crash ! (sorry)

Ewelina Lacka

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of 7. CM2# Tactics: Mobile marketing

Consumer Management 2
Stage 2. Defining the performance metrics framework

Performance measurement framework should:

Assess which strategic goals are achieved

Assess to what extent digital marketing contributes to the business

Assess effectiveness of digital marketing tactics and implementation

Assess the impact of digital marketing on the satisfaction, loyalty and contribution of stakeholders

Enable comparison of performance of direct digital channels with other channels

Assess digital marketing performance against competitors’

Stage 3. Tools and techniques for collecting metrics and summarising results

Site activity data
- information on content and services assessed by e-commerce data (e.g. hit-click, page impressions, unique visitors, page per visit, vsits per visitor .

Design for analysis
- measures designed to better understand the audience of a site and their decision points. (e.g. breaking up a long page to see which parts are of interest for consumers, grouping content by audience type, measure attrition at different points in a consumer journey)

AB testing
– testing of two different versions of the page or a page element such as heading, image or button for effectiveness
Multivariate testing
- advanced form of AB testing, it enables simultaneous testing of pages for different combinations of page elements that are being tested

Clickstream analysis
– detail analysis of visitor behaviour in order to identify improvements to the site.

How to select web analytics tool???

Integration with other data sources


Media attribution


Customisation facilities

Support services

Privacy considerations

Marketing research using the Internet

Internet-based market research
– the use of online questionnaires and focus groups to assess consumer perceptions of a website etc.

Website feedback tools

Site user satisfaction surveys


Single page feedback tool

Other: focus groups, mystery shopping, online survey tools

Mobile marketing is marketing on the internet
Mobile social media is still social media
Mobile website is still a website
Mobile E-mail marketing is still e-mail marketing

Why mobile?
Location-based services
Location-bases services (apps) use mobile’s build in GPS


Mobile map app
Check-ins (FourSquare, Facebook Places)

Mobile applications
A software installed on mobile device
‘new gold rush’
70% of iPhone users downloaded branded apps
iPhone user downloaded about 80 Apps (+ 20 pre-installed apps)
Users spend 80 minutes a day using these Apps.

Mobile user experience
Reduce the number of touch events to conversation
Design for mobile interactions
Optimize for speed
Make content ‘findability’ easy
Integrate analytics from the beginning
Prioritize tablets
Optimize social media channels for mobile
Develop mobile-friendly websites

The Most Famous App in the World?

Building a successful app
Plan the scope of the app

Reach the consumers

Understand app business model

Understand the target market

Focus on design, user interface and user experience

Content is the KING

Consider device used to access app
Mobile KPIs
Total downloads
Total app users
New users
Frequency and duration of visit
Bounce rates
ROI (app purchase/ in-app purchase)
App category revenue distribution
Mobile game in-app purchase motivators
Mobile marketing

a set of practices that enable organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network

Mobile marketing
Build awareness of brand, product, service;
Foster and maintain conversations with consumers;
Gather valuable insight into consumer behaviour
Enhance interactive consumer engagement
Establish loyalty programmes, competitions and rewards
Build brand experience
Target consumers more effectively based on demographics, geographic and behaviour.
Retain more consumers
Listen and learn…

Where is the Money?

The New Problems
Costs of maintaining a system experiencing rapidly changing pressures
Word of mouth can kill a new game in a matter of hours

Consumer Issues
Download speeds
Requirement for the Internet connection to play
No resale value
Privacy issues

Other Producers
Your brands and products in the hands of your biggest rival

Mobile privacy
Permission mobile advertising
Disclosure; marketers should clearly disclose the terms of any offer
Privacy; marketers should clearly disclose their mobile data- collection practices

4 best practices of mobile marketing
Obtain permission
Understand the consumer
Know your audience
Be relevant

Mobile website
App-based marketing
(In)app mobile advertising
Location-based services
QR codes
Venkatesh et al (2003; 2012)
Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology
Mobile Social Media marketing
E-mail Mobile marketing
always carried
always on
have build-in payment system
facilitate creativity
allow for accurate audience measurement
Mobile use
Understand consumer
consumer journey
set objectives
Select types of mobile technologies
Select right content type
Design, Implement, Evaluate & Improve
ONE fits ALL
mobile website
response design website
hybrid website
Links & buttons
Only 5% of users return to mobile app after 30 days
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