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What has changed since Food Inc.?

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on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of What has changed since Food Inc.?

What has changed since Food Inc.?
Food Safety Modernization Act
Following the death of Kevin Kowalcyk, the boy who died just days after consuming a hamburger, many people became concerned with the methods of cleansing our food and eliminate harmful bacteria. Due to this, Kevin's Law was introduced, formally known as the Food Safety Modernization Act. This allows the Food and Drug Administration to inspect facilities, test specific foods, and recall contaminated products so people like Kevin will not lose their lives over a meal and lack of healthy care in the food industry.
Consciousness of Viewers
After viewing the film, it seems as if more people have gown conscious of the problems within our food industry. Many people have started to pay more attention to the affects of GMO on our populations and many experiments have been performed. There has not been a significant change, however, in the eating habits of citizens. Most people will still consume food after watching Food, INC. and reading articles about the food industry.
This is the labeling system for all grown fruits and vegetables.
The unchanged inhumane practices in a chicken farm.
Facts about Genetically Modified Organisms
Food, INC. Overview
This highly acclaimed documentary addressed the concerns of many within the food industry. Posing the question-- is it about the food and health or the money? By addressing GMO, human health concerns, and inhumane animal practices,
Food, INC.
forces us to ask what has changed since 2009?
Inhumane Conditions of Animals
The conditions that the animals we eat reside in has not changed. There are still some farms, however, that will take care of their animals and not treat them as revenue.
Worker's Conditions
The workers in many factories involving foods have not had changed conditions for the most part. It is still highly dangerous to work in these conditions.
Update on Food INC. Works Cited
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Monsanto, one of the companies addressed in Food, INC. addressed the movie and made comments about their movie.
Monsanto's Conclusions
Monsanto states it only sues farmers that breach their contracts, and they believe in the importance of knowing where their food is coming from. Monsanto, however, still believes that they have the right to sue farmers that have GM crop pollen blown into their fields.
The food industry has not made many significant changes since the creation of Food, INC., but there are more people concerned with the effects of the different food methods on the population.
"Food, Inc. Movie." Food, Inc. Movie. Monsanto, n.d. Web. 14 Apr. 2015.
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