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Waters of Gold

No description

Malavika Harran

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Waters of Gold

By: Laurence Yep Waters of Gold After Reading:
BIG QUESTION UNFAMILIAR VOCABULARY Questions that "Question" the culture 1) Why does Auntie Lily feel like helping people?
2) What will end up happening to her when she has no more to give?
3) What will Auntie Lily end up doing with the money that she "receives" from the beggar?
4) What did the rich old lad do wrong that precluded her from getting the bucket of gold?
5) What is their culture like if they use buckets to deliver water? Text Summary First, Auntie Lily loses her land because she is so kind to everyone in her neighborhood.
Then, Auntie Lily gives water to a beggar. The dirty water turns to gold.
Next, the greedy old neighbor gives water to the beggar, and she gets sick from bug bites from the bucket.
Finally, the old lady became a nicer person so she becomes healthy again. Cultural Values Cultural value: beliefs honored by a society A Chinese Folktale What can we learn from stories? How to deal with issues in life
How to communicate with people
How to behave
Consequences of actions Before Reading: You can never have too much kindness
Selfishness can lead to harm Don't be greedy.
Kindness comes with no price. Conclusions: smugly: in a self-satisfied way

callused: to develop a thickened area on skin

leper: person suffering from disease

"bit into it": used to test the purity of gold

perilously: dangerously Text Characteristics generosity
health Conclusion:
try to motivate positive values
discourage negative acts Chinese Folktale.

Character Represents a Quality
Teaches Lesson
Events Come in Sets of Three
Main Characters are Larger Than Life Thank you and good bye! Made by Simran, Malavika, Kasey, and Hargun
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