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Horace Rooney

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Hi

Crystal Gary-Nelson
Sabrina Feggins
Assistant Principal
Horace Rooney
Assistant Principal
Teacher Cultivation
This data is still being analyzed, and will be available upon request

Differentiated Instruction, Mastery Objectives, Academic Rigor, Constructive Feedback on student work, Constructed Responses, and Restorative Practices.

This criteria was used by Universal Companies to evaluate instructors Focusing on four specific domains:

Planning and Preparation
Classroom Environment
Professional Responsibilities

Teacher effectiveness is based upon these evaluations, as well as other criteria.

Teacher Improvement Plans

Student Analysis
Points of Pride
Several programs existed at Bluford that provided additional enrichment to students, including the P.A.L. program, Base, Foundations, and Saturday School. Furthermore, Bluford conducted and participated in a number of science based events, including experiments with rockets, creation of a garden, and even a visit by Thomas Anderson Jr, founder of the
George Washington Carver Science Fair.
Parent Workshops: Technology, Brain Development, Nutrition, Teaching Your Child to Be Responsible
Universal Bluford Charter School
The Year in Review
Assessment Data

Dr. Suess Day
Moving Forward
This year has been filled with great moments and significant improvements.

2014-2015 will be a year filled with more promise, and continued movement in the upward direction.
The score on their evaluation determines if a teacher is placed on an improvement plan.

Steps in the improvement plans included the following strategies:

Professional Development
Observation by teacher leaders
Informal Evaluations
Assignment to a teacher mentor
Action Plans
Charlotte Danielson
Professional Development
A sundry of means were used to impact student discipline, including Saturday Boot Camp, Community Service, Restorative Practices, Counseling, G.E.R.R.Y, the Wordsworth Program, Conflict Resolution, Social Skills Instruction, Anti-Bullying Week, F.S.R.C, and the Alternative Learning Center.
Bluford has a variety of activities in store
for the 2014-2015 school year, including the
following programs and instructional initiatives:

Boys/Girl Scouts Instructional Coaching
Dress For Success Professional Learning Communities
Positive Image
P.A.R. Program
Buddies Not Bullies
I Am B.U.M.I.
Fitness Fun Day
Community Garden
Teacher Appreciation Week
Fun Day
at the Zoo
Sixth Grade Closing Ceremony
Bluford has made great efforts to connect to parents through programs provided by the F.S.R.C as well as the Home and School Assoc.
Warm Coat
Turkey Giveaway
Community BBQ

Flea Market Holiday Food Drive

Community Meet and Greet
F.A.S.T. Program
Breast Cancer Awareness
Fourth Grade Data
Third Grade Data
Fifth Grade Data
Sixth Grade Data
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