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Newton's Contributions to Calculus

No description

Austin Lu

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Newton's Contributions to Calculus

Sir Isaac Newton Mathematician Physicist Astronomer Presentation by Austin Lu 1643-1727 England Trinity College
University of Cambridge Theologian Natural philosopher Alchemist Newtonian Telescope F=ma Significant Contribution to Development of Infinitesimal Calculus Differentiation Integration Method of fluxions Method of inverse fluxions = d Limits "Quantities, and the ratios of quantities, which in any finite time converge continually to equality, and before the end of that time approach nearer to each other than by any given difference, become ultimately equal." Newton's Method
Approx roots with zeros of linearization Maxima and minima Optimization Newton's Calculus Differential equations *Newton's Second Law of Motion
*Einstein's field equation
*Cauchy-Riemann equations Engineering Physics Economics Biological population growth Heat transfer Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
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