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Equality, Diversity and Rights

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Simran Kaur Singh

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Equality, Diversity and Rights

Equality is the state of being equal in status, rights and opportunity and individuals should have equal rights when using the different services and equal opportunity when using them. Equality can be mis used. An example of not being equal towards people would be not giving someone a job just because of their age, status, background, culture, race and sexuality. The way it should be used is that people should have an equal chance and opportunity. In a health and social care setting service users should have equal right to use the services they need and that are provided. An example of equality being used in a good way would be e.g. a teacher treating all students equally and treating all the students the same no matter how different they are and how different their backgrounds are.
Diversity is the difference between people and respecting those differences e.g. all religions and cultures which should be respected and should be treated the same and get the same services. Diversity helps us to learn about other peoples cultures and religions and helps us reduce riots and racism by getting to know people with different backgrounds, also its respecting and understanding other peoples backgrounds. Sometimes diversity can cause riots and racism as people don't wont to know other peoples backgrounds, cultures and religions. This could lead to discrimination, prejudice and racism as some people only think that their beliefs that they believe in are better than other peoples beliefs. an example of diversity in a good way is getting to know other peoples culture from different beliefs to different cultures. Here i am going to show you a video of someone being discriminant towards others. This clip shows a women being discriminat towards black people on the london subway and no-one saying anything to her as she had a child with her.
Rights are an equal entitlement which is when everyone has equal chance and have their rights to do whatever they want e.g. the right to privacy, right to freedom, freedom of speech etc. In a health and social care setting individuals should have the right to use all services and have the right to to respected this would include privacy and freedom. In a health and social care setting, an example of rights in a good way would be knocking on a service users door before entry to show respect and so they feel that they are respected as an individual. Here is a video of someone who believed and stood up for his rights and believed everyone should have equal rights and that everyone had the right to their own race/culture/religion and to respect others.
Simran Kaur Singh
Define, Describe and Identify the aspects of Equality, Diversity and Rights
UNIT 2 (P1)
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