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Alexander Hamilton I am Poem

No description

Laila Hicks

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Alexander Hamilton I am Poem

I pretend that the Republican party doesn't exist
I feel hope for the rich in our contury
I touch the National Bank
I wonder if we can make an national bank
I see scoundrels who care for them selfs
I am Alexander Hamilton!
Alexander Hamilton I am Poem
By:Laila Hicks

I hear money in the treasury
I am Alexander Hamilton
I worry that the contury will be lead by the mob
I cry when jefferson called us "Britsh Boot lickers"
Iam Alexander Hamilton
I understand everyone's in it for themselves
I say let the people who own the contury lead it
i dream of a strong government
I try to spark a new era
I hope that we will take a step to a wealthy nation
I am Alexander Hamilton!
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