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Coahuilitecans (p

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Coahuilitecans (p

Coahuiltecans (Payaya)

Location in Texas
The Coahiultecans lived in the vicinity of San Antonio just off the Edwards plateau.
The Payaya tribe hunted bison, deer and rabbits. Women gathered plants. They were famous for gathering pecans year long.
the Payaya tribe lived in wickiup huts. they were sticks stacked to form a dome covered in animal skin and grass.
The people govern themselves, they held elections to decide on representatives.
Coahulitecans (Payaya)
The Coahulitecans didn't really exist. The Coahulitecans were actually many different tribes.
By: Zachary Slotnik and Casey Ross
Fun Facts
The Payaya had a tendency to steal woman and horses.
War like within there tribe, but adapted to spanish culture and were very friendly. The even married some spanish settlers and soldiers.

Similar Tribe
Similar to the Iriquios tribe by hunting, gathering and farming
Three words in Coahuiltecan language
Prickly pear : mape'n
Arrow ; kua'k
Prezi: Zachary and Casey
Information: Zachary and Casey
Decoration: Casey and Zachary
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