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Sentence Construction

No description

Kaylee Parsons

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of Sentence Construction

Sentence Construction
Exactly what is a sentence?
A sentence is a complete idea...
Writing in Complete Ideas
What makes a clause "independent"?
A fragment is an NOT a complete idea.
Fused Sentences
A "fused sentence" is a kind of
, an error in which two or more independent clauses are strung together incorrectly.
Comma Splice
A comma splice is another kind of
which occurs when independent clauses are separated by
only a comma
(contains at least one
independent clause
A string of words which contains a
Dependent Clause
Independent Clause
A clause that does not make a complete idea by itself
A clause that is complete by itself
Building Materials
Often a noun (a person, place, or thing).
The topic of the sentence or doer of the action.
An action or state of being (the part that is tensed).
The receiver of the action.
A word or phrase that describes another part of the sentence.
A word that connects other words or clauses.
a subject-verb unit
no hanging modifiers
no hanging conjunctions
a complete thought
I wrote an essay
which wasn't actually my best
although it got an A
Three clauses:
When it stops raining
Even though she missed class
So I could finish
We walk to school
Reading ahead is very helpful
Grammar is a puzzle
Tomorrow, is supposed to rain.
Steve, who wasn't in class today.
The worst thing that he could've done.
He failed the test.
It is often a dependent clause, but might also be a phrase which lacks a subject or verb.
Count your clauses (subject-verb units), and check for too many conjunctions (connecting words).
I was late to class, the teacher was not happy.
It was too hot outside, they decided to stay indoors.
When my sister is tired, she becomes very cranky.
The Rangers won by one run, it was an intense game.
For more information...
Academic Learning Center
Library West Wing
The course was very challenging but the professor was patient and approachable and she took pains to make the concepts clear.
We weren't sure what to do the teacher didn't make it clear.
3) My neighbor jogs everyday. Although he is seventy-five years old.
1) My neighbor is seventy-five years old he jogs every day.
2) My neighbor is seventy-five years old, he jogs every day.
What's wrong here?
A fused sentence
lacks punctuation
between independent clauses.
Commas alone cannot be used to separate/connect two
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