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Acara Challenge

Biogas presentation

Kim Pearson

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Acara Challenge

Problem Expensive Harmful to the Environment Health Risks Solution Opportunity Customers
Operations Alliances Management Team Financials Sewage and Municipal Waste. Up-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor (USAB) Marketing Delhi Jal Board $17.9 Million Investment Usage of funds Prana Prakriti envirotech solutions Kim Pearson Lissa Regets Sunil Reddy Akshay Harllu Shravan rapally Mamta bajetha "Breath of Life" TERI Team 3 & ASU Team 5 PRESENTS Biogas 5.2 Million gallons of sewage per day Produces Electricity Combined-Cycle Power Plant Global Resolve
& ASU Acara Institute TERI University Director of Business
Operations and Finance
Director of Manufacturing,
Marketing and Sales Contests PV of Cash Flows $43,931,519.40 NPV $26,031,519.40
Renovate More Plants Sustainability Initiatives Health Programs Education Sponsorship Creating Energy Vision Door to Door Competitors Mamta Bajetha Sunil Reddy Akshay Harllu Kimberly Pearson Managing Director and Director of
Global Relations and Sustainability Director of Operations
and Environment Director of the Power Plant Lissa Regets Shravan Rapally Director of Maintenance Stoves Creates Jobs Technology Word of Mouth 23% ROI WIN - WIN Opportunity Fertilizer Electricity Water Market LPG
Wood Impact Saves Money Community
Meetings 188 tons of organic waste per day 40995 m3/day of biogas,
22,447 tons of fertilizer per year
22.5 million gallons of treated water per day + 168,000 KWh per day of electricity Government of India Saves the Environment Saves Time = Thank you Individuals 120 INR
Businesses 250 INR
Startup Connection 500 INR
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