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Narrow Abilities


Mike Webb

on 25 January 2010

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Transcript of Narrow Abilities

When I am testing a pre-school child for speech and language and there is a suspicion of other disabilities, do we go ahead and get permission from parent to test for possible other disabilities before going to ARD or do we need to wait and go to ARD about the speech testing and then ask for additional assessment? If a student qualifies as ED, did not qualify as LD, when we do a re-evaluation do we have to always do another FIE-LD evaluation?

When a student is a qualified special education student and an ARD asks for additional assessment for example: the student is LD and the ARD later asks for a psychological-is a REED required. When the speech pathologist has tested a child and the child is also being tested by the LSSP/Diag., is it appropriate for the LSSP/Diag. to plug those test results into their Gs to help determine strengths and weaknesses? Should the LSSP/Diag. have to do the same kind of testing? Gf = 84
(I) = 84
(RG) = 84
Reading comprehension referral:
Done or need more information? Gf = 91
(I) = 84
(RQ) = 99
Reading comprehension referral:
Done or need more information? Gsm = 87
(WM) = 80
(MS) = 95
Reading comprehension referral:
Done or need more information? Thank you!
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