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My Dream Trip

this place I would love to go to.

Elizabeth Kujbida

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of My Dream Trip

The Dream trip
Honolulu, Hawaii How are you getting there? I am going to take Delta Airlines
from Detroit Metro Airport at 8:45 am
and land in Honolulu at 5:25 pm. The total
cost of the flight (round trip) is $1970 per
person. Where Are You Going To Stay? I am going to stay at the Royal
Hawaiian Resort. Reviewers say that
it is the nicest hotel along the Wakiki beach. 91%
of travelers recomend this hotel. The hotel costs $340 a night.
Things To Do Honolulu Zoo

Waikiki Aquarium

Aloha Tower

Ala Moana Beach Park And Magic Island

Iolani Palace

Currency and Exchange Rate $1 in Canadian money
is equal to 99 cents in American.
The currency they use in Hawaii
is US dollars. Climate The climate ranges from a low
of 65.4F and a high of 88.9F. Safety Concerns no safety concerns Places To Eat

Panda Express
Blimpie Subs And Salads
California Pizza Kitchen
L&L Hawaiian Barbeque
Don Ho's Island Grill

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