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Angela Carter : Courtship of Mr Lyon

No description

Stephanos Papageorgiou

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Angela Carter : Courtship of Mr Lyon

By Angela Carter The Courtship of Mr.Lyon Summary Themes used in "The Bloody Chamber": Specifically in the "courtship of Mr. Lyon" Mirrors Beauty's father, after experiencing car trouble, takes advantage of a stranger's hospitality. However, his host the Beast ( head, paws of a lion) gets enraged when he steals a beautiful white rose for his beloved daughter. Beauty becomes the guest of the lion like Beast, and the Beast aids her father in getting his fortune back. Beauty later joins her father in London, where she almost forgets the Beast, causing him to wither away from heartache. When Beauty learns that he is dying, she returns, saving him. Beauty and the Beast disclose their love for one another and the Beast's humanity is revealed(he transforms into a human). After the transformation, they live happily ever after The bloody chamber, a room where violence &
The liminal experience (existing on the threshhold between two places or states being)
Objectification of woman The bloody chamber is the Beast's room. Even though the Beast does not hurt anyone in the room, it represents the violent and "bloody" reputation. If the Beast is seen as a creature of violent nature, his room is perceived as a place of terror, a bloody chamber. The Beast's room is seen as a place of transformation for both himself and the young lady. It is there that she realizes her love for him and that she transforms him back into a human. She sees her reflection in the eyes of Mr. Lyon as she would see in the eyes of an animal. She, later on, starts looking at herself in the mirror more often, page 52 -pt.
This shows that she started off as an unspoiled child and has become a pampered woman, as she has become obsessed by her own physical image. Objectification of women. Beauty is objectified when she is utilized as a payment as the father's debt to the Beast. Despite living in a luxurious environment. Her father considers her as his personal belonging. Roses. Beauty's rose grows unnaturally in the middle of winter, yet it is still perfect. It represents her unspoiled, gentle, virgin self. When her father picks up the rose and takes it out of place, it symbolizes how he takes his daughter out of place and uses her for his own good. Summary of Analysis The courtship of Mr Lyon is based on the story of Beauty and the Beast. The story is a tale of self discovery and rejection of female objectification. The city symbolizes a masculine world of experience and corruption contrasting the country which is a feminine one of purity. Additionally the rose signifies Beauty's delicateness as well as purity - tying in with the themes of virginity and comparison of the sexes.
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