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Military Medicine

No description

Jon Frederick

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Military Medicine

LT Randy Frederick USN MC
General Medical Officer
Undersea/Dive Medical Officer
Flight Surgeon
Fleet Marine Corps
Special Operations (SEALs, EOD)
USHS Comfort and Mercy
Naval Hospitals/Branch Clinics
Flight Medicine
CPT Eric Zahorecz, MC, USA

A Co, 187th Med Batt
Recruiting Detachment
Officer Comissioning
CPT Maria LaPlant, USAF, MC FS
*Military Medicine: Air Force, Navy and Army
*Our experiences
*Why we chose Military
*HPSP/Guard obligation
*Career paths
*Army Guard Training experiences
*What is Flight Medicine?
*Flying Duties
*Deployment/TDY experiences
*LT Frederick Brief
*CAPT LaPlant Brief
*CAPT Zahorecz Brief

How we chose Military:
LT Frederick- Career Path
CPT LaPlant-
Career Path

Kunsan AFB, ROK
CPT Zahorecz-
Career Path

General Medical Officer
Flight Surgeon
Primary Care
Special Operations
Residency training
USAF Hospitals/MDG
Medical exams and medical care for aircrew
Occupational Health exams, Public Health visits
Medical Support for Ops
Fly with squadrons
Preventative Medicine
Disaster Medicine
Mishap Investigation
Liaison between MDG and Ops
Safety Briefs
HUD reviews
Supervise flight medicine clinic staff

Flight Medicine
4-6 months training
Aerospace Medicine Primary Course
Chamber Certification
Centrifuge Certification
Water Survival Training
Mishap Investigation Course
Occupational Medicine Course
Extra Training Required for Flight Surgeon
Health Professions Scholarship Program
Army, Air Force and Navy
1-4 year scholarship
Full tuition, books, supplies, fees, health insurance, monthly stipend
Commissioned as 2nd LT/Ensign
45 day active duty tour/year
Commissioned to CPT/LT upon Med School Graduation
1-to-1 payback commitment
Must go through Military Match
Commissioned Officers Training
No debt!

Kunsan AFB, South Korea (1 year)
Bagram AB, Afghanistan (5 months)
Red Flag (Nellis and Eielson AFB) (1-4 weeks)
Singapore (3 weeks)

LaPlant- Deployments
Frederick- Deployments
Kunsan AF, ROK
General Medical Officer
Flight Surgeon
Field Surgeon
Special Operations
Special Missions
Army Residency
Army Hospitals
Tripler Army Medical Center
Family Medicine
Medical Command
Navy Medicine
Air Force Medicine
Army Medicine
USS George Washington (CVN 73)
Al Asad Air Base, Iraq
USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)
Guam, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bolivia
Air Force, Navy, Army Career Paths
Army Guard Training
Flight Medicine
Thank you!
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