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PACE/Greenway Bank Project 2013

No description

M.P. Hall

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of PACE/Greenway Bank Project 2013

Project Assumptions
-Mind $600,000 budget cap
-Current and relevant technology
-Scalable to double initial capacity
-Central management for all sites
-Long term warranties
-EIS or Environmental Impact Study has been conducted
-Cabling demolition is done in advance and is outside the scope of this project A PACE Partnership Greenway Holdings Company: Bank Restructuring Project Cabling Plan The core of the project Network Strategy Communication is the key Greenway Bank Security Plan Confidentiality, Integrity, Accessibility Configuration and Architecture System Design Scope
-Restructure the physical cabling
-Build a new data storage system
-Devise a centrally managed client workstation structure
-Utilize bleeding-edge technologies
-Be fully aware of compliance at all times
-10 year minimum term of initial investment, outside of scaling Technologically current
Central Management
Long Term Warranties
Theoretically Capable of Maintaining Relevance for up to 10 Years Network Design Requirements Also a random generating token key WPA-2 Enterprise AES & TKIP 2-way SSL 3.0 Encryption Network Access Compliance Server Requirements
-SQL physical for VMWare
-Appropriate servers virtualized as needed for
financial software functions
-Terminal server virtualized Workstation Requirements
-Windows 7 Enterprise
-Office 365 or 2013 Pro Plus
-Network Data Share Access
-Access to Function Appropriate databases
-VPN Access to Private PC
-Storage Capacity to Accommodate Proprietary Financial Software Thin Client Requirements
-Tellers have read/write access to member information
-Call Center Operatives have read access to member information
-Call Center Management has read/write access to member data $633,000
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