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Christopher Columbus; innocent.

No description

Shianne McCallister

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus; innocent.

Christopher Columbus; Defence.
They all wanted something, the King and Queen wanted land, slaves, more money and possessions, the Pope to spread Catholicism. Couldn't say no, what the King and Queen say, goes. If he said no he would have been considered treasonous (a traitor) and been executed, same if he said no to the Pope. By saing no to the Pope according to everyone's extreme faith it would have been just like saying no or denying God, and that would have been the most illegal, most anti-Spaniard thing he could do.
Wanted to discover more land, see new things and wanted to go adventuring. It wasn't just him, he was following what the others were doing, wanted to do something, wanted to find something, wanted something new.

Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand and the Pope funded and encouraged the journey. When he got sent to jail, he was there for six weeks, then they released him so he could go on his forth and final voyage.
Sure he founded America but he's not responsible for others actions. Didn't personally kill everyone. Wasn't the single person spreading disease. Was a noble-minded visionary who opened up a new land of opportunity for the oppressed masses of Europe. Wasn't a genocidal murderer or a land grabber, more of an opportunist. What he and his men were doing was looked at as normal, it was a social norm.
Columbus:" I am an innocent man, a Christopher Columbus used of killing these innocent people. I would never do anything wrongful like this unless something out of my control came into play, which it did. My religion was being destroyed by Muslims, I was tasked to convert the indigenous at all cost. My men killed innocent people if they did not convert, Nothing is more important to my country than my religion. If I did not do these things, I would have been killed without question. Many called them barbarians, and wanted to destroy them, and deemed it okay, because they had no civil system. I do not know why I am the spotlight, since so many before me have gone free for these crimes."
"His journal from August 3rd to October 12th, 1492 is a daily record of the historic voyage from Spain to the New Indies. Day after day, he refers to Jesus and the need for devine help. He is always asking our Lord for the light and strength he needs to realize what God had entrusted him to do- the mission of bringing the knowledge and love of jesus and Mary to the multitudes who had not had the Good News of salvation brought to them."
Christopher Columbus is innocent
by: Shianne McCallister
People today tend to see Columbus for what he really was: a brave, but very flawed, human being.
Christopher Columbus es inocente
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