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History of Detroit

A timeline of Detroit

John Petersen

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of History of Detroit

The History of Detroit 1800 1700 1900 2000 Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac and his company arrive to establish a permanent fort and settlement in Detroit 1701 French sign peace treaty with Iroquois enabling settlement in North American Interior Cadillac relieved from his post in Detroit 1710 1712 Detroit under siege for 19 days from Fox indians destroying some infrastructure 1715 Fort built on Mackinac 1730 Cadillac dies 1754 Detroit becomes important point in French and Indian war 1757 Detroit's population about 200 1760 Fort Pontchartrain surrendered to the British 1783 American revolution ends. Detroit not yet under American control. 1789 George Washington Elected 1796 Detroit is under American rule. Wayne County established 1799 Washington dies 1800 1803 Ohio becomes part of the union. Surveyors include the Toledo strip, part of Michigan, which leads to later conflict. Memorial services for Washington held in Detroit 1805 Michigan territory established Fire of Detroit 1812 War of 1812 begins British forces and American Indians led by Tecumseh attack Detroit. William Hull surrenders to British forces 1814 Hull sentenced to death, but James Madison allows him to live for his work during the American revolution. 1815 Detroit once again belongs to America John R. Williams elected as first mayor of Detroit 1824 1835 Toledo war between Michigan and Ohio begins over the Toledo strip. Steven T. Mason inaugurated as first governor of Michigan 1836 Toledo war ends bloodlessly Ohio gains Toledo strip, but as compensation Michigan gains the upper peninsula and statehood 1837 Michigan becomes a state with Detroit as its capital 1838 Railroad transportation begins in Detroit 1848 Capital moved to Lansing instead of Detroit 1849 New fort founded in southwest Detroit 1850 Stroh brewery founded which becomes Detroit's largest brewery Wayne University founded 1868 1861 Michigan begins participation in the civil war 1877 University of Detroit founded 1885 Detroit museum of art founded Detroit is a major trade city of the United States 1890 1896 First automobile invented in Detroit Ranson E. Olds opens Detroit's first automobile manufacturing plant. 1899 1903 Ford motor company begins 1908 Olds and Buick comes together to form General Motors 1909 First mile of paved road in the country was constructed on Woodward Avenue 1913 Henry Ford develops the moving assembly line 1914 Henry Ford pays his workers a minimum of $5.00 a day 1918 Influenza epidemic 1920 Detroit population nearly 1,000,000 1860 Salt mining industry begins in saginaw 1870 Black males allowed to vote 1869 Detroit Medical College opened Detroit Opera House opens Prohibition in Detroit and Michigan begins 1929 Great depression begins 1937 Major strikes begin in Detroit 1935 Detroit Tigers win world series 1943 Race riot in Detroit 1950 Detroit's population peaks 1967 Detroit's most well know riot occurs 1939 World War Two begins. Detroit automotive industries begin manufacturing planes and tanks to aid in the war. 1947 Henry Ford dies 1968 Detroit declared in state of emergency 1980 Michigan unemployment highest in nation 1999 Michigan has among the lowest unemployment rates in the nation Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toledo_War http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Detroit The war of 1812 PBS documentary Expertise of David Backhurst Detroit in Its World Setting: A Three Hundred Year Chronology, 1701-2001 Created by John Petersen
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