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Diffusion of Jeans

No description

Gabby Monaghan

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Diffusion of Jeans

The Diffusion of Jeans
How the "jeans" phenomenon conquered the world.
Miners in the California Gold rush wear Levi's Jeans because of their durability and the rivets which ensured the pockets did not rip.
Possible origins of jeans:
Italy -
word "jeans" named after sailors in Genoa.
France -
word "denim" comes from a material developed in Nimes.
Jeans, made from a blend of materials, are worn by workers, mainly agricultural farmers, in India during the 18th century.
Development of the cotton industry in the southern United States introduces a pure cotton blend of jean worn by farmers.
Perceived origin of jeans.
First appearances.
Origin of modern day jeans.
Hierarchical Diffusion: Gold Miners.
Entrepreneur Levi Strauss creates the modern day jeans in San Francisco.
From clothing worn by only rural
to a durable material worn

an American cultural
trait, to a pop culture phenomenon,
Relocation Diffusion?
Diffusion in Western America
Fashion trend spreads throughout North America.
Phenomenon spreads from North America.
by miners,
to the everyday norm.
Has the rapid diffusion
of Jeans stopped?
Jeans became associated with the "Wild West" because of Hollywood movies.
Hierarchical Diffusion:
Targeting a specific demographic.
Relocation Diffusion
Americans from the Eastern States went on vacation to the West and brought Jeans home to the East.
Jeans diffuse from Western World to fashion powerhouses in Europe as designer Jeans are invented.
Jeans spread to developing countries because of the increasing popularity of sweatshops. Factories find cheap land and labour. Jeans are now available to the developing world.
Contagious Diffusion around the World
Hierarchical Diffusion
Jeans spread throughout the "Western World" via the media, targeting specific demographics (college students, hippies, teenagers etc.) Spread occurs through Hierarchical Diffusion and eventually contagious diffusion.
Similar trend in developing countries across the world.
Today, jeans have spread contagiously around the world. With the exception of some rural areas in China, jeans are worn by people in every country and by every demographic.
Relocation Diffusion
By Gaby Monagan
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