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No description

Savannah Butler

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Zeus

Zeus is the King of the Gods and Lord of the Sky. His father, Cronus, meant to swallow him when he was born because he believed he would overtake him in the throne. He had done the same with all his children before. Zeus's mother, Rhea, tricked Cronus into swallowing a stone instead and hid Zeus on the island of Crete where he was raised by a goat. When Zeus was old enough, he left the island and forced Cronus to vomit up the stone along with the other children he swallowed. They engaged in war and as predicted, Zeus took the throne. His father was imprisoned.
Yearbook Entry
Zeus: He is the most popular God because he is the leader and is known by all. He is their superior, so the others respect him. He is the mightiest as well. Being stronger than his father, he saved his siblings and took Cronus's place as the supreme ruler.
Zeus's Poem
More information
-Zeus's ultimate weapon is the thunderbolt.
-His bird is the eagle, who brings back the thunder bolts which he has flung.
-Zeus has over one-hundred lovers, though his true wife is Hera.
-Zeus is the father of many children.
He rules the sky and the other Gods
He wields the thunderbolt, his ultimate weapon

No person or thing can surpass his might
Not even his father, whom he usurped the throne of

The battle of the Titans and the Olympians
Was an epoch that made him king

Now he sits upon the other divinities
In his place at Mount Olympus

None can drag him down
His is the mightiest of all

Zeus is the name they call him
Zeus, the supreme ruler and Lord of the Sky

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