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Middle Eastern Education

how education is over in the middle east

Brandon Volland

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Middle Eastern Education

Education In The Middle East
and Northern Africa Culture What is culture? the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group Religion Islam
Education Some 774 million adults worldwide (age 15 and over) can't read, according to the Global Campaign for Education. Here's how the Middle East countries' illiteracy rates rank. Country Illiteracy rate (%)
Afghanistan 72
Pakistan 50
Mauritania 49
Morocco 48
Yemen 46
Sudan 39
Djibouti 32
Algeria 30
Iraq 26
Tunisia 25.7
Egypt 28
Comoros 25
Syria 19

Oman 18
Iran 17.6
Saudi Arabia 17.1
Libya 16
Bahrain 13
Turkey 12.6
Lebanon 12
U.A.E. 11.3
Qatar 11
Jordan 9
Palestine 8
Kuwait 7
Cyprus 3.2
Israel 3
Azerbaijan 1.2
Armenia 1 According to a U.N. study, 33% of school aged children in Africa have never set foot in a classroom, many kids don’t even have access to a pencil, and there are no bookshops in Tanzania. Ways We Can Help Pennies For Peace In the US a penny is almost worthless, but in some countries a penny can buy pencils and help children to learn.

What You Do Get a big jar or a 5 gallon water jug and bring in your pennies and put them in the container.
Once your container is full have your teacher take it to the bank and have them count how much money you have.
After they tell the teacher how much money you raised, send a check for the amount you raised to
Pennies for Peace, P.O. Box 7209, Bozeman, MT 59771 Health In America everyone has a right to receive health care. In the Middle East not everyone is allowed to go to the doctors. Only the males and small girls are allowed to go see the doctors.
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