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Adolph Rickenbacker: History of the Electric Guitar

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Martina Borquez

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Adolph Rickenbacker: History of the Electric Guitar

Adolph Rickenbacker: History of the Electric Guitar
Family of 6:
Adolph Rickenbacker Senior (dad)
Elisabeth Rickenbacker (mom)
Oscar Rickenbacker (half brother)
Emma Rickenbacker (sister)
Robert Rickenbacker (baby brother)
Eddie Rickenbacker (cousin)

Late Life
As a young man, Adolph met the love of his life, Charlotte Kammerer. Charlotte was a rich girl from S. California and was the beginning of Adolph's rich life.
Adolph later built a house on a hill for him and Charlotte. The house included a large garden and an air purifying system he built himself.
Early Life
April 3, 1886: Born in Basel, Switzerland
1891: Migrated to the US with his family of 5
Career and Invention
Adolph became an engineer in 1920 and later meets George Beauchamp.
In 1931, George has the idea to invent a guitar that is louder than the original acoustic guitar. Adolph builds the first ever electric guitar based off of George's idea. They name it, "The Frying Pan Guitar."
The two men founded the Rickenbacker guitar company in 1932 and later issue the guitar in 1940.
The company flourishes and by 1939, the company had sold over 2,700 Frying Pan Guitars.
A few years later, George Beauchamp sells his half of the company and leaves the other half with Adolph and his family.
Sadness Strikes
Charlotte passed away in 1969 and a few years later, Adolph's cousin Eddie passed away in 1973. As a coping mechanism Adolph would sit in airports and watch the planes take off and think of his lost loved ones
Adolph later dies from cancer in Orange County, CA at the age of 90.
The Rickenbacker guitar company is left with the Rickenbacker family.
The importance of the electric guitar, is that this remarkable invention changed the history of music. Many famous artists and groups have used the electric guitar in their own music composing. Although their guitars have been modernized from the original design, the electric guitar still all started with Adolph Rickenbacker.
If it wasn't for Adolph's first electric guitar, there wouldn't be any of the astounding musicians we know today. An extremely large majority of musicians today play or include an electric guitar in their songs.
The electric guitar gives fun, flavor, and enthusiasm to almost every song its included in. For this, we can thank Adolph Rickenbacker. Thanks Adolph!
Pictures,Interesting Facts, and Hobbies
Interesting Facts:
In 2002 Rickenbacker's house was torn down, leaving a steel memorial marker in its place.
Rickenbacker guitars were used by many famous artists including the Beatles.
A single "Frying Pan Guitar" is currently worth $1500-$2500.
Adolph enjoyed driving through the desert with Charlotte to get to Las Vegas, gardening with Charlotte and driving his tractor around the backyard of thier home.
He also enjoyed studying architecture and building many different contraptions.

When the family arrived in the US they settled in Ohio and later S. California. Soon after their arrival, Adolph's mother, Elisabeth, passed away. Adolph's father, Adolph Senior, also was killed in a train accident and lost both his legs
Adolph and baby Robert we're raised by older sister Emma until grown.
Invention Importance
Rickenbacker Headstones
Eddie Rickenbaker's Headstone:
Adolph Rickenbacker's Headstone:
Charlotte Rickenbacker's Headstone:
Fang Cochran
Quinn Lewis-Gonzalez
Martina Borquez

2nd Hour Science
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