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The Scientific Method

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Michael Miller

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method.
Scientists ask questions that need a scientific answer.
Example: You notice that our plants are not growing in your garden. Does the type of fertilizer affect the rate of growth for a plant?
Scientists research the information and make observations and inferences of the problem.
- using your five senses to notice things and gain information.
- logical conclusions about our observations.
A statement based on your interpretation of the facts.

You make observations of one type of plant in your garden. You record your observations (look, smell, feel, etc) of that type of plant.
You also research different types of fertilizer that you will use in your test.
You interview a botanist about plant growth and fertilizer usage.
Scientists form a possible explanation or answer to the question. An EDUCATED GUESS.
This can be done by making observations and/or by researching the problem.
Example: If I test different fertilizers on plants, then I think that Miracle Gro fertilizer will make the plants grow the fastest because...
Test the hypothesis with observations or experiments.
Take 3 identical plants of the same size and fill a pot with the same amount of soil.
Add equal amounts of 3 different fertilizers (Grow A Lot, GrowSome, and Miracle Gro) to the 3 plants.
Each day, give the plants the same amount of water.
Observe the plants over a 2 week time period.
Record your observations, notes, and pictures in a data table.
Analyze the Results
Analyze the results of the tests. Examine the data, and look for patterns.
After testing, you find that plant 1 (Grow A Lot Fertilizer) grew 3 cm, plants 2 (GrowSome Fertilizer) grew 1 cm, and plant 3 (Miracle Gro Fertilizer) grew 5 cm.
Draw Conclusions
You must conclude whether the results supported the hypothesis.

If the hypothesis was not supported, scientists may repeat the investigation to check for errors or ask new questions and form a new hypothesis.

My hypothesis was supported because the Miracle Gro fertilizer made the plant grow the fastest.

The scientific method is a series of steps that scientists use to answer questions and solve problems.

We believe this was thought of by the Muslims in the 2nd century.

Credit is sometimes given to Roger Bacon (13th century)

Galileo is the “father” of the scientific method. (16th century)

What is it?

Analyze Results
Draw Conclusions

What are the steps?

When the investigation is over, scientists communicate their results.
Scientists share what they have learned so that other people may repeat the investigation to see if they get the same results.
Science depends on the sharing of information.

Communicate the Results

For every test, a scientist needs to identify 3 variables:

independent variable: the variable that you can change. You can only have 1 independent variable.
In our example, it is the type of fertilizer.

dependent variable: the variable that you observe that changes. It DEPENDS on the independent variable.
In our example, it is how fast the plant grows. This rate at which the plant grows will DEPEND on the type of fertilzer.

controlled variable : the variable that you do not change in order to have a fair and accurate test.
In our example, it is the size of the pot, the type of plant, the amount of soil, the amount of water given, etc.
Scientific Method Study Jams Video
Click on the link below to watch the "Study Jams" scientific method video:


After you are done watching the video, click on Test Yourself and take the quiz. Write the score you received in your study guide.
The End :)
Science Buddies Scientific Method Diagram
Go to the website below and locate the Scientific Method Diagram. Label it in your study guide.
Then, under the diagram on the website, read through the explanations of each step.

Watch this video on the Scientific Method:

Answer the question in your notes.
After making conclusions, a scientist can then make

• A
is a forecast about what will happen
in the future
based on past evidence or experiences.

: I predict that Miracle Gro fertilizer will make not only make plants grow faster but also flowers and trees.
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