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Iron & Light Overview of Services

Retail Asset Management Services Overview

Amber Terriaco

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Iron & Light Overview of Services

Who We Are
a cost effective alternative to in-house real estate asset management departments specializing in:

National Lease Administration

Lease & Option Renewals

What Makes Us Different
Client-focused, personalized service.
Focused exclusively on tenant representation, there are no brokerage or landlord conflicts of interest.

A Few of Our Clients
Expanded Services
Landlord & Municipality Issue Resolution
Lease Terminations

Capital Improvement Project Management
Your retail asset management partner
We stick around after the lease is signed.
National Perspective.
Proven Experience.
Foothill Ranch Town Center
Foothill Ranch
Whittwood Town Center / Mall

Amber Terriaco
national retail asset management solutions

By performing lease administration services for national retail brands we have found a surprisingly high percentage of landlord billings are incorrect. This fact unchallenged creates a significant overpayment of occupancy costs by tenants. Iron & Light believes lease transaction audits, together with the collection and reporting of critical data, are the functions which lead to the greatest value add for clients.

We advise tenants at lease renewal on all main lease terms, and often time will negotiate a lower option rent, abated rent periods or a more advantageous lease structure.

Lease Restructuring

When the opportunity arises mid-term we advise on restructuring leases with the aim of enhancing the value of both parties’ interests in a changing business environment, through a combination of extending leases, renegotiation rents, negotiating rent free periods or contributions towards refitting.

National Property Dispositions
Operating Expense Negotiation & Audit

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