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William Barber

on 3 December 2016

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Transcript of DO NOW

An Emu is sprinting up a hill. Time is in seconds, distance is in meters.
If there is time.....
On the back write what happened to this emu? Based on looking at the graph and explaining the parts create a story of what may have happened.
Create your own Graph.
1. Get a piece of graph paper and set up an x and y axis.
2. Locate the Dependent and Independent Variable.
3. Select an appropriate scale for each variable with the numbers given below.
4. Plot each point.
5. Connect each point with a ruler.
6. Lastly Title your graph, and find a slope between two points that you choose.
How to Read Distance Time Graphs
A squid is swimming long distance through this graph, what do you think might have happened at 20 km? Explain how the graph shows your thought.
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