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Federico's Desk Experience

To get to know me a little bit better

Federico Mulas

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Federico's Desk Experience

Education I love to
build groups
and work in a team.
Since a young age,
I always enjoyed to get
everybody together, throw
parties with my friends and
engage them in new activities. I Learned exciting things and I finally started
putting effort in what I really like to do! I loved
to work on creative solutions and presenting
them with my team. My favorite modules:
Strategic Planning, digital marketing,
customer intelligence,
consumer behavior,
and brand management. I am deeply
interested in mobile
marketing; currently I am
writing my master dissertation entitled:
Photo sharing apps and their impact on consumer's purchasing decision process: the case of Instagram. my driver's license I am Creative, I love to draw, to take pictures, and to use Photoshop. I often avoid routine while setting up unconventional solutions to meet objectives. During my experience I also provided graphic and creative support for quick retouch and optimization of advertising material. 1971 Fujica ST-701
SLR film camera Latest
Experience Community
Manager for
@ P&G. Account Manager
@ Raffles Media. Federico's Desk Experience Get to know me by exploring my desk ! What they say about me: "I enjoyed working with Federico and would gladly do so again.
He would be an asset to any organization." P&G "Federico is a rare example of analytical mind and creative thinking towards problem solving. Hard working,
detail oriented without
losing the big picture,
he has a passion
for results and
Elettronica S.p.A. Thanks for you attention ! +44(0)7528368210 federico.mulas@grenoble-em.com Contacts
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