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Myriam Déry

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Baskey-Ring

By: Myriam Déry and Audrey-Anne Caron

How to play
The goal of the game is to score in the net(1 point) or in the hoop (3 points) of the opponent. To play, we have to run, pass the ring, shoot and sting the ring. To play, we need 3 players and 1 goalkeeper in each team. Audrey-Anne
Equipment and clothes
To play baskey-ring, we need a ringette stick to shoot, sting and pass. We need a blue ring in rubber. We need a basket and a net to make goals. The goalkeeper need protection equipments like hockey goalie. To play we have to wear goggles and gloves. We need also a gymnasium. Audrey-Anne
To play baskey-ring we need a coach to coaches the team, players to play: offences to score the goal, defenses to protect the goalkeeper. We need a referee to calls the penalty and the offside. We need also a goalkeeper to block the puck and some opponent to play versus the other team. Of course the fans to encourage the team. Myriam
Rules and regulations
You must make a pass to another player when you cross the blue lines. When the referee let's the ring fall, you have to take the ring first and if you have it, you do the face-off in opponent circle. You can't enter in the goalkeeper zone. You musn't push other players. If you push a player you will get a penalty of two minutes. When you do the face-off you are not permitted to cross the line in the circle. You have to score more goal possible. Myriam
To play baskey-ring, you have to have to score some goal. You have to run, pass the ring, shoot and sting the ring. You will see it's so cool. Let's take the most energy you have in you body... in your body... let's take the most energy you have in your body... let's take the most energy you have in your body. Myriam
Baskey-ring baskey-ring, you have to try baskey-ring. A stick, a ring. Practice, practice is the secret!
You play basket-ring in a gymnasium (you know) You don't have the right to push other people (for sure) All people can play at this sport (yeah) We need a gaolkeeper and some players. The coach is very important(uh umh) He coaches the team super well!!! Audrey-Anne
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